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Care labels.

Care labels are the garment’s DNA, displaying everything from the garment’s composition, care instructions, brand identity, style and production information, etc. This way, every care label is unique, and the most important label on the garment as this label remains on the garment after the product packaging and the hangtag have been removed.

Ensuring the correct information, symbols and logos are displayed to comply with your relevant markets can be hard to figure out. With a trusted partner in your corner, your products will be compliant through a user-friendly and automated setup.

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Compliant care and content labels

Our designated team of experts can assess your current setup or support you from the beginning if you want to start from scratch with your care labels. Customers often turn to Trimco Group for help with the compliance elements of their garments. Trimco Group makes sure your care labels are compliant with the current regulations within your countries of distribution and improves your labelling system by optimising costs and reducing textile waste by lessening the care label layers, where possible.

Accurate translation and symbol conversion

Trimco Group has access to accurate international translations for global care label information. It can be hard to navigate through all regulations that concern correct care label setup. That is why we make sure wash and garment care instructions and care symbols are accurately converted for the individual markets.

Hassle-free and fast Care Label production process:

  • Compliant label solution for international sales & access to international size database
  • Translation and language support for garment composition and care instructions
  • Label layout optimisation and automated order setup
  • Online layout preview in the order process
  • Layout approval workflow when ordering
  • Local production and helpdesk
  • Access to double-sided printing options and 2 + 1 colours.
  • Possibility to add QR code communication
  • Multiple label materials matching your industry, identity and sustainable agenda

The Garment’s DNA

Because we consider care labels to be the garment’s DNA, we at Trimco have developed a digital platform – Product DNA®- that can use the information from all the care labels and report on your overall sustainable use of materials in your garments.

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