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The textile industry is constantly changing. Apparel, footwear, home textile, and other markets are continuously seeking innovative ways to promote sustainability and find a responsible approach to production across the supply chain, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and have a better impact. Partnering with industry-related organizations is essential for us at Trimco Group, allowing for better and more efficient collaboration within the industry and enhancing professional growth and advancement. We focus on collaborating with the organizations below while continuously exploring new opportunities.

ASBCI – The Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry

ASBCI is a UK association representing suppliers’ interests in the clothing and fashion industry. Being UK's leading clothing supply chain association, ASBCI caters comprehensive support to its members, including access to industry information and representation in governmental bodies.

AAFA – the American Apparel # Footwear Association

AAFA is a trade association with over 1k members from the US footwear and apparel industries. Its mission is to promote and enhance the sectors' growth, profitability, and global competitiveness.


Trimco Group is a proud member of Cascale, formerly known as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). As a Full Corporate Member, this commitment highlights our proactive stance, demonstrating that we are not bystanders but catalysts in the movement for sustainable production and ethical business in the fashion and textile industry

RAIN Alliance

RAIN Alliance is a global non-profit organization that promotes the use of RFID technology in all spheres. Its mission is to establish and accelerate the adoption of RFID solutions and to provide a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members.

Impinj - RAIN RFID Solutions for Boundless IoT

With the vision of connecting everything, Impinj develops foundation technologies for Internet of Things (IoT) connecting physical items to the digital world. As a part of the Impinj Partner Program, at Silver level, Trimco Group collaborates with Impinj and the Impinj partner ecosystem to support brands with solutions that enhance operational efficiency and provide valuable business data insights, fostering innovations.


GS1 is a non-profit that administers global supply chain management standards and product identification using barcodes and product numbering systems. Their technology is used worldwide to enhance product traceability and facilitate efficient and accurate product movement.

NF&TA – collaboration

NF&TA is a Norwegian institution that promotes the fashion and textile industries by supporting companies and individuals by providing resources for them to grow and succeed. The NF&TA’s goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of both industries in Norway and make them a leading sector on a global scale.

DM&T - Dansk Mode & Textil

DM&T is an association for the Danish fashion and textile industry, which promotes and supports the industry domestically and internationally by representing its members' interests and advocating for policies that support its growth and development.


EON is retail's leading Product Cloud, enabling global brands to create, connect and capitalize on item-level Digital IDs.


The partnership between Kezzler and Trimco Group is a transformative leap forward for fashion brands seeking a comprehensive solution for transparency, labelling, and Digital IDs. The union of these two industry leaders forms a robust and versatile platform that combines Kezzler's digitization and traceability expertise with Trimco's creativity, data management prowess, and traceability solutions.

CIRPASS – Digital Product Passport

CIRPASS is a joint effort, backed by the European Commission to lay the foundation for introducing the Digital Product Passport (DPP), which is in line with the proposed Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulations (ESPR) and primarily focuses on textiles, electronics, and batteries.


Raddis is a “SYSTEM-BRAND” of the Dutch Yassasree BV and stands for Radically Disruptive. The Raddis®System is actively reshaping the textile supply chain into value networks from seed to finished product with climate-smart rainfed regenerative cotton. This innovative hybrid collaboration model not only empowers brands to enhance their impact within their own value chains but also provides farmers with a dedicated buyer for an extended period, ensuring stability and sustainability.


FaVa is a modern IT solution designed for the fashion industry to support and assist brands in the management of all processes, from product development to sales and financial management. FaVa is the preferred choice of major brands, as the solution specifically takes into account the many product variants, as typically is the case within the textile  industry - hence the name Fa(shion) Va(riant).

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