ProductDNA® is the tool to help you gather clear information and back up green claims with data, avoiding greenwashing. It is your brand’s first step into responsible sourcing, making you ready to welcome upcoming Digital Product Passport initiatives and a portal of possibilities for end-of-life options for your products. As simple as it would sound, mapping out your supply chain is not an easy task. This is why we’ve created ProductDNA® - a comprehensive solution that helps brands monitor, report, assess, and optimize their supply chain - all in one place.

“Brands are required to have a positive impact and take control over their supply chain.

Customized to your goals

Achieving your sustainability goals can be a long process within a complex and ever-changing supply chain. Depending on what you are aiming for, we can tailor ProductDNA® to serve your goals.

ProductDNA® supports you if you want to:

Collect and monitor certifications across your supply chain. Gather data on social, environmental, and chemical compliance. Be transparent with your consumers. Explore new business models like Product-as-a-Service (rent, resell, return).

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Onboarding and dedicated support

Still unsure of what to monitor and report?

Our international team of experts will advise you on the optimal setup for your brand, whether it is compliance, supply chain monitoring, reporting, B2C communication, or packaging reporting.

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Real-time accurate data

Wherever you are in the world, the data gathered in ProductDNA® is readily available for all stakeholders involved. Whether it is audits or reporting, you can access your data in real-time to make qualified sourcing decisions, support claims or ensure social and environmental compliance across the supply chain.

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Backed-up claims for garments and footwear

Support your sustainability claims with accurate data on your products. Avoid misinformation and provide evidence for compliance with international regulations for social and environmental responsibility.

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Certificate Manager

The Certificate Manager is the supply chain monitoring module of ProductDNA® designed to alleviate your workflow, collecting, managing and monitoring your social and environmental compliance across the supply chain.

Including certification and compliance management, the Certificate Manager gives both brands and suppliers access to centralized data on scope and transaction certificates. Your brand’s ESG and supply chain management teams have the chance to improve their efficiency and productivity thanks to real-time and accurate integrated data.

Product Manager

The Product Manager module is your brand’s tool to ensure responsible sourcing through in-depth material-level insights.

A deeper product or material-level analysis is possible if transaction data is held in ProductDNA® via care label data or API. ProductDNA®’s Product Manager module helps you achieve full traceability in your supply chain by measuring and reporting on:

  • Social and environmental KPI’s defined by you.
  • Supply chain monitoring from T0 to T3.
  • Sustainable materials tracking.
  • Weight-based claims validation for textiles and footwear.

Take control of your supply chain

An innovative solution that ensures brands are ready for worldwide regulatory changes like the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, due diligence and greenwashing regulations, control authorities, and market demand.

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Content claim control

Ensure care and content data is accurate and meets market requirements, from correct care label translation to icon conversion. Reveal the true value of care and content to support your sustainable content claims and utilize information to place orders based on valid certifications.

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“By pursuing circularity options, brands can provide THE complete overview oF a product’s social and environmental impact – a Digital Product Passport.

Digital Manager

Trimco Group’s Digital Manager supports the traceability and transparency journey housed within ProductDNA® by helping you communicate on your sustainability strategy and goals with your consumers through QR codes or NFC technology. By using QR codes, your brand can:

  • Reduce textile waste by lessening layers of trims.
  • Educate, engage, and inform about circularity and product repair.
  • Pave the way towards a Digital Product Passport (DPP)

Product-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Trimco Group’s Digital Manager can also support your brand looking for digital solutions within the Product-as-a-Service model. QR codes, NFC, and in-garment RFID solutions facilitate this as your brand can:

  • Quickly receive, send, and track items coming in for repairs or rental.
  • Always have an overview of the item’s status (repairs needed, location, etc.).
  • Reduce or eliminate inaccuracy due to misplaced items.
  • Easily manage inventory.
  • Gain knowledge on product use for future development.

Packaging Manager

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes for textile packaging are rapidly being introduced globally to ensure that brands take responsibility for collecting, sorting, and recycling the packaging they place on the market. ProductDNA®’s Packaging Manager is the module that enables you to gather full packaging compilation reports for easy handling of EPR reporting requirements.

ProductDNA®’s Packaging Manager automatically collects the information you need to report on through the supply of tags, polybags, boxes, and other types of packaging from suppliers. The data gathered is then compiled into a comprehensive report that answers the EPR schemes you must comply with in an automated, fast, easy, and accurate manner.

End-to-end Packaging solution - By adding ProductDNA®’s Packaging Manager to the controlled sourcing of material options and compliance support, Trimco Group closes the loop and provides a seamless packaging solution for your brand.


How much does it cost to run a project with ProductDNA®?

We encourage you to get in touch with us to tell us on what areas you are looking to monitor and report. Since the solution is tailored to your needs, you will only have to pay for the support and functions that you actually use.
Get in touch to get started.

What regulations does ProductDNA® help me comply with?

Our team of experts will make an analysis of your setup and together we will identify the regulations you need to comply with depending on the markets you are active in and the type of products you distribute.

How long does it take to start a project on ProductDNA®?

Depending on your goals and timeline, we accommodate and tailor the project to suit your priorities. For a Certificate Manager project, once your brand needs are validated, you can be ready to run your pilot with a selected group of suppliers within 6 weeks.

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