Source Tagging Solutions

Care labels, barcode labels, RFID tags, NFC enabled products, hangtag price stickers, and everything dependent on variable data is part of our Source Tagging and variable data solutions offering. And we believe that Source Tagging Solutions for brands’ variable data shouldn’t be a headache. We ensure data security and accuracy, no matter where in the world you and your suppliers need your variable data products.

Sustainability and Source Tagging Solutions - Sustainability within Source Tagging Solutions of variable data goes beyond the choice of materials. It also covers our role as advisors, where we support and optimize your setup to reduce waste and costs. All of our paper stickers and tags are FSC™-certified in terms of materials. Our transparent stickers and peel and reveal data labels can be made from a forest-based ISCC and FSC™-certified materials. As a third option, we have a lot of options that feature 100% recycled material, like paper items.


Stickers and Tags

Stickers and tags carrying variable data don’t have to be black and white. If you want to take your variable data to the next level and beyond white paper, we provide several options, including colored stickers and pre-printed tags. Traditionally, variable data is printed in black, but don’t let the standards stop your imagination. We can also print variable data in color. And to make things even easier, the most common type of variable data, a barcode label, usually found as a sticker on tags and packaging, can also be printed directly onto the tag, making the process much more efficient and the result unique.


Care Labels

Often the label we think the least of, the care label is a way for a brand to communicate with their end-user once all other non-permanent branding solutions have long since been removed. At Trimco Group, we strive to manage every brand’s needs with care labels from the basic to the more luxurious with multiple material types and production methods. Our team of experts can also help with the compliance elements of their garments, accurate symbols and translations.

Variable Data on Packaging

Size and style, sometimes also a barcode or other information is found on waist band riders, sock riders, and similar packaging items that usually contain both fixed information and variable data. Our team can optimize the setup for these types of products. Rather than create a fixed layout for every size option, we offer a more efficient method that reduces wastage by overprinting the variable data on the Waist Band Riders or Sock Riders.

QR Code Enabled Solutions

A QR code can be printed on any variable data item, allowing the end-user to scan the code and access additional information or services connected to the product. In addition to URL links for consumers, a QR code can also contain additional information for internal or business to business purposes. The usage of QR codes includes but is not limited to:

- Specific product information, including available sizes
- Digital care instructions
- Further information about the brand and their story
- Upselling opportunities and customer loyalty programs
- End of use return or recycling information
- Sustainability certification

Variable Data E-Commerce Solution

Everything is easier when all it takes is a click. A key element to the speed and accuracy of our global production is the safe, fast and accurate exchange of data. Our data management solutions are gathered in a 24/7 e-commerce platform that allows for image preview and layout approval for the brands we work with. Garment manufacturers are able to place their orders to our production locations online, and Brand Owners can check on the production of their labels, approve layouts where necessary and place their own orders. In addition to variable data orders, our solution also supports ordering for the complete Trimco product range, including trims and packaging.

Why use a Variable Data Partner?

Accuracy - When producing variable data products, accuracy is of the utmost importance. Manually typesetting sensitive content and other types of data can lead to mistakes. From our data management solution, we automate the process from order to production and remove manual intervention and thus the risk for errors.

Speed - We manage all expectations with the Brand Owner so that the team can complete a brand new setup quickly and efficiently. During the lifetime of a variable data item, Brand Owners can require amendments. We know these amendments often need to be, and we make sure they are quickly implemented.

At Trimco Group, our source tagging or variable data solutions cover a series of products such as:

Care & Content Labels • RFID Solutions • Price and Barcode Tags • Price & Barcode Stickers • Compliance Labelling • Packaging Stickers • Shoe Box stickers • QR Code enabled labels • Paper Tags • NFC Labels and more.

For variable data stickers and tags, possibilities go beyond the application on a simple hangtag and include Polybag Stickers • Garment detail on packaging • Assortment Labels • Logistics solutions such as outer box labels/carton labels • Butterfly stickers on accessories and cosmetics.

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