Our vision and mission

Our Vision is to elevate brand stories and connect their product journey to the world.

Our Mission is to provide our partners with creative sustainable brand identification product design, innovative IT solution and efficient global production to drive a positive impact throughout their global supply chain.

About us

Trimco Group is the global leader in supply chain traceability, data management, and RFID solutions, with comprehensive expertise in brand identity optimization for apparel and footwear brands worldwide. At Trimco Group, we are your brand guardian and trusted partner, supporting you with innovative and creative product designs and production techniques powered by deep expertise in data and technology.

Our subject matter experts provide reliable advice on care label regulations and ESG compliance for international markets.

With our global production footprint, we strive to deliver a trouble-free supply chain for all our brand owners to meet quality, timeliness, and sustainability demands.

Trimco Group entails the combined forces of the companies formerly known as A-TEX, CLOTEX, LABELON, and WAH LUNG, with more than 1,670 employees in 22 countries, serving more than 900 brands and 8,600 manufacturers worldwide.

Founded in Denmark, and serving mainly Scandinavia and rest of Europe, A-TEX was a fashion focused and design-led one-stop shop with global distribution. Established in 1991.

Sports and active apparel label design and production experts for brands in North America and Europe, Clotex was a brand founded in Hong Kong, where the Trimco Group main HQs also is today. Established in 1978.

UK-based, Labelon specialized in delivering trims and care label solutions to complex brands with global production needs. Established in 1984.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Wah Lung Labels serviced to brands in the Canadian and North American markets. Established in 1992.

What we do

At Trimco Group, we specialize in developing innovative solutions for brand identity, supply chain traceability, and RFID technology, helping brands optimize their business, protect their image and identity, and improve their bottom line.

We take pride in our industry experts with years of experience designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions for the textile industry. We like to stay ahead of the curve, constantly exploring new technologies and trends to ensure our partnering brands always receive the most advanced and effective solutions. We understand that every business has unique needs and challenges. That's why we take a collaborative approach to our work, partnering closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

Our brand identity solutions are designed to help businesses establish a strong and memorable brand that stands out. By combining our design and material expertise, we can support brands with everything within trims, packaging, and store decorations. On variable data options – our source tagging solutions, we partner with brands on data connections, supply chain management, and comprehensive variable data labeling requirements for care labels, QR code tags, price, and barcode tags, and stickers, just to name a few.

Our proprietary supply chain traceability solution – ProductDNA®, enables businesses to track their products at every stage of the supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods. With our solutions, you can ensure that your products meet all regulatory requirements and quality standards, and you can quickly identify and address any issues that arise.

Our RFID solutions provide real-time visibility into your inventory and assets, helping you optimize your operations and reduce costs. With our RFID solutions, you can track your products and assets in real-time, automate inventory management, and improve accuracy and efficiency.


TOGETHER, we strive to create and maintain an open minded culture, where employees are happy and feel motivated to make an impact, to achieve results and to be the best.

We act loyal and respectful — agile and innovative — passionate and committed — cooperative and responsible.

To each other. To our business. To our customers.
To our partners and to our common future.

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