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“We provide complete brand identity solutions, including secure and accurate data management and supply chain traceability digital solutions, with unparalleled customer service and ESG ambitions.

ProductDNA® — Monitor your social and environmental compliance across the supply chain and gain insights into your key sustainability goals. Get real-time data and reporting and learn more about on-product communication with the help of QR code solutions. Meet the solution for your brand's traceability needs - our digital platform, ProductDNA®.

RFID — Improve your stock accuracy and increase productivity with RFID. We provide support in choosing the best setup for your brand and cover the entire production of your RFID tags and labels. Learn more about our RFID solutions.

Store deco — Everything you need for your brick-and-mortar store decorations. Our team can create store deco solutions tailored to your brand identity and needs, from logo display, window decorations, signage, and product display options. Read more about our store deco solutions.

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