RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is one of the best solutions to increase efficiency across the supply chain, reducing costs and saving time thanks to the automation of processes.

RFID tags enable you to monitor every single transaction from the point of manufacturing to inventory management and, finally, to the point of sale and exit or even beyond. The wireless technology reduces the need for line-of-sight identification and increases reliable and shared stock data through central data monitoring.

RFID Solutions Tailored to the Brand — Trimco Group and its RFID software partners can support you with your RFID goals beyond the production of RFID tags and RFID stickers. If you have considered RFID for your business or your brand is required to supply RFID tagged items to multi-brand stores, Trimco Group can help assess and advise on the right setup for the most relevant RFID solution for your needs.


Trimco can provide

  • Pre-assessment of your RFID needs and RFID solution presentation together with your brand.
  • Safe and accurate data transfer from your brand to our RFID setup.
  • High-quality production of RFID enabled tags, stickers, care labels and other variable data products.
  • Our RFID tags are designed in close collaboration with the brand, ensuring the best solution for our customers.
  • Reduced need for recurring transportation and related CO2 emissions.

The main advantages of RFID tags

  • Increased productivity through real-time inventory accuracy across all locations.
  • Reduce and even eliminate packing errors from suppliers with an automated inbound check.
  • Faster sales cycles.
  • Reduced need for recurring transportation and related CO2 emissions.
  • Improved consumer satisfaction.
  • Avoid counterfeit situations – brand image and product authenticity remain unaltered.
  • Accurate and fast access to information on item flow and supply chain lifecycle.

TAG Talks - The advantages of RFID

Join our experts, Dennis and Greg, as they dive into the advantages of RFID and tagging of variable data, for fashion, sport, footwear industries, and beyond and how can Trimco Group support you in this process.

NFC technology

Don’t miss out on the advantages NFC (Near Field Communication) technology can provide, accelerating sales through customer convenience, boosting brand engagement and loyalty, and acting as a tool for marketing communication and campaigns.

An RFID implementation is typically based on a partnership with you as customer on one side and different suppliers on the other side. Software, hardware and tag suppliers play an essential role in successful RFID implementation. As your tag supplier, we are ready to guide you through the process.

Match your RFID products with Trimco’s trims and packaging solutions, and ensure a streamlined design for your brand, from hangtags to product packaging. Trimco Group can provide sustainable RFID stickers, care labels with RFID available in recycled materials, stickers for hang tags and packaging, RFID enabled tags, and solutions for longer term durability use like washable tags.

How does RFID work?

The RFID tags use radio wave frequencies to read and capture information on tagged objects. It contains a chip that stores unique product data. This unique data is transmitted through an embedded antenna to an RFID reader. The reader monitors and records the activities in inventory movements and stock adjustments. The gathered data tells WHERE, WHEN, and HOW the unique product is moved and sold. This is all crucial data to optimize the supply chain and understand customer behavior.

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