Design and Innovation

Cutting-edge design is one of the main reasons why 800+ brands worldwide choose Trimco Group as their preferred trims, packaging, variable data solutions, and store deco supplier.

Our design concepts are led by an international team of professional, highly skilled, and experienced designers who specialize in developing branding ideas for the fashion, footwear, and sports industries.

They strive to go the extra mile to give your brand a clear, distinctive expression that makes it stand out, enhancing your products’ features, identity, and image. Their goal is to differentiate and strengthen your brand’s identity down to the smallest detail.

Cutting-edge design made by creative souls

Trend forecasting — Thanks to our global team, we can monitor signals of change and get insights into the upcoming tendencies around the world. You can trust us to provide qualified design direction and help you make confident decisions. We can customize any solution to your needs and help you stay relevant and desirable. Thanks to our extensive network of manufacturers, we also have early access to new and innovative materials that can give you the upper hand and separate you from the crowd by creating something truly spectacular.

Concept, Artwork & Brand development — Whether or not you have a dedicated design team, we can deliver a complete solution from start to end or provide support and guidance.

Designing commercially and economically beneficial solutions requires a lot of skills from our designers. But we believe that the correct answer should always combine innovation and customization. The design work is always aligned with the brand image and communicates its identity clearly and persuasively.

We make sure your brand image is aligned, and our solutions are omnichannel-focused, from labels, trimmings, and packaging to store design.

We achieve outstanding design together

Inspirational Collections

With innovation and sustainability at the forefront and always with the ambition to climb new heights, our international design team develops more than 600 innovative items yearly - released through three creative collections featuring inspirational products for trims, packaging, and variable data.

This has become our playground to test trends, new concepts and strengthen our creativity. The collections demonstrate our capabilities and reflect the latest design trends, innovative materials, and techniques, all with a high focus on sustainability. It is our way to explore and experiment – It is your tool to be inspired and be in the know.

"Our most recent trim collections incorporate at least 90% sustainable and innovative materials in their design.

3D Modeling and Digitization - Trimco Group brings branding to the forefront of the design process by gradually integrating 3D modeling and digital material creation in the workflow, enhancing the design experience, and providing photorealistic 3D visual renderings of its branding solutions. The design team at Trimco Group has embarked on a journey to adopt 3D modeling and digitization, foreseeing an increasing focus in the upcoming future.

Besides making it possible to get products to market faster and efficiently collaborate across borders, material waste is reduced thanks to the digitization of the sampling process.

We are curious about the potential this field holds for a sustainable fashion industry, where physical sampling sets its negative footprint on the environment, and we are committed to exploring even further the possibilities within 3D modeling and digital material creation.  

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