With a comprehensive experience of creativity and production, we deliver trims to some of the biggest fashion brands worldwide, covering everything from hang tags, and woven and printed labels to badges and patches, thanks to our expertise and local production facilities. We specialize in catering to, primarily but not only, apparel, footwear, and home textile industries, tailoring every solution to the brand identity and needs. Our dedicated teams of specialists within trims for fashion or other industries will help you find the best solution tailored to your brand’s needs. Whether you require trims for clothing or other items, such as paper tags and strings, or seals for hangtags, we are here to offer advice on sustainable materials. Sustainability and responsible sourcing are at the core of Trimco Group’s DNA. As an international company, we continuously strive to manage and ensure compliance with applicable environmental and ethical regulations and standards across our locations worldwide. Read more about Trimco Group’s ESG journey below.

Message from the Group CEO

Working in the industry that we are in, a commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is vital, with many related policies and regulations being formed worldwide. The rising awareness of the social and environmental impact of the garment industry is demanding reform throughout the supply chain and end-to-end transparency at an unprecedented scale. Businesses have today a vital role to play in addressing the pressing social and environmental challenges of our time, and at Trimco Group, we are committed to leading by example.

Operating production sites in 15 countries requires understanding of local sustainability policies and available sustainable resources. This is why we have designated an international ESG Operations Team, including members from each operating country, tasked to research ESG ideas, educate and execute ESG initiatives.

Our ESG focus rests on three pillars: sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance. To support these pillars, we are continuously implementing and testing internal operations projects with the aim to reduce our impact on the environment and the society.

We recognize the urgent need to address climate change and protect the planet for future generations. As a company, we also have the responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we operate, as well as promote ethical business practices, supporting our employees' personal and professional development. To establish a good governance behavior, we are committed to transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior in different aspects of our operations.

We remain committed to advancing our ESG agenda contributing to a more equitable world, and an industry that embraces truly sustainable practices. We will continue to set ambitious goals, measure our progress, and report transparently on our performance. At Trimco Group, we are excited to be part of this sustainability movement and be an innovator driving a positive impact throughout our global supply chain.

Together, We Act.
Amy Wan
Chief Executive Officer, Trimco Group

Track and Trace

Transparency across our own supply chain is just as important for us as it is for your brand. Have a look at our global social and material compliance, traced with our proprietary traceability solution - ProductDNA®.

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