Sustainability is not an end destination or a definitive result. Instead, it is a mindset, a journey, and a matter of being in constant motion. Forward. Always looking for the next opportunity to do even better. And the next one after that. For both people and the planet.

We support your sustainability ambitions and demonstrate new ways to show you care. As a trusted partner, we can help bring your sustainability and CSR initiatives to life through consulting, products, and innovation. In addition, we ensure ongoing order in our own house through our code of conduct, compliance, responsible operations, and relevant certifications.

We deliver added value to your overall brand perception. Each Trimco article has the potential to contribute with credibility, documentation, and storytelling if you make the right choices — the choices that, on all parameters, make sense: people-wise, planet-wise, and business-wise. Trimco’s sustainability solutions support your brand, reinforcing your responsible business and contributing to a better world. We ensure that our solutions and products comply with the active regulations in your distribution markets, and we help you monitor your supply chain for transparent production. With tools such as ProductDNA®, we aim to support you in making better sourcing decisions according to your sustainability goals, and you are aligned with all waste management signage, from trims to packaging.

Sustainable materials

Trimco offers a wide range of products and raw materials that enable you to optimise your brand’s sustainability by reducing, reusing or recycling.

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