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Store deco.

We produce store decorations for some of the biggest fashion retailers in the world for them to display products, run in-store campaigns and feature window decorations in creative and innovative ways.

We generate individual solutions and adapt creative ideas to fully functional in-store deco pieces of branding and design. We adapt to the brand’s needs, and we do not restrict ourselves in terms of creative ideas or innovative methods.

A playground of materials
and textures

We love a good challenge, and throughout the years, we’ve helped brands find solutions to different needs for brand display options and in-store design. From window display to in-store display, seasonal, collection and sale signs, we like to play with various materials and designs, underlining the uniqueness of your brand. Together with the Packaging team, we release one collection every year for Store Deco, where we play with new ideas, materials and designs.

Product display

It is proven that better store design provides a better shopping and brand experience, so making sure your product display aligns with your brand identity improves your customers’ shopping experience. Whether it is eyewear, clothing, footwear or accessories, our team will always work together with your brand and provide the best solution for your products.

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Store deco; Logo display; Trimco Group

Logo signs and display

Logo display, lightbox or signs, just like trims, store decorations are the details that complete your brand’s visual identity in your brick and mortar store. Our team is prepared to support you whether you prefer conventional solutions or are ready to try something new. Everything from size and sale signs to Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Black Friday window decorations, Trimco Group will find the right solution tailored to your wishes.

Giveaways and merchandise

Our capabilities go beyond signs and displays. Our store deco team is a creative bunch with experience providing brands with other gimmicks and branded solutions. Our collections have previously featured water bottles, mobile phone covers, cardholders, key hangers and branded games, products that your brand can offer customers or use as décor. Everything we do aims to enhance your brand image and give your brand the competitive edge. In a digital world, e-commerce plays a crucial role for brands. For this reason, we have designed e-commerce gifts and items such as bracelets and fabric combs for pilling of wool, cashmere and other delicate garments.

Store Deco; Brand Identity; Trimco Group
Trimco Group can support your Store Deco needs with bespoke solutions

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