Trimco Group

Trimco Group is a leading global supplier of brand identity products for international fashion and sports brands. We provide innovative product designs and production techniques, manage and advise on care label regulations for international markets and operate world class logistics centres, all while complying to high ethical standards. We strive to deliver a trouble-free supply chain for all our brand owners to meet market demands for quality, timelines and sustainability.

Trimco Group is the combined force of CLOTEX, LABELON and A-TEX with more than 1,800 employees in 23 countries, serving more than 800 brand owners and 7,500 manufacturers around the world.


Sports and active apparel label design and production experts for brands in North America and Europe. Established in 1978.


Fashion focused and design-led one-stop shop with global distribution. Established in 1991.


UK based, specializing in complex brands with global production needs. Established in 1984.