E-commerce Packaging

Supporting your fashion or footwear brand with packaging for e-commerce needs

In the modern age of e-commerce, packaging is not just about wrapping up products and sending them off. Packaging has become a crucial aspect of every brand’s identity and a decisive factor in the customer experience. With the rise of e-commerce comes the need for appealing packaging that protects the product and promotes your brand to the customer. As fashion, footwear and even home textiles continue to shift their focus online, at Trimco Group, our purpose is to be a reliable partner for e-commerce packaging solutions that meet every need your brand might have on the online retail journey.

Packaging with Purpose — At Trimco Group we know how important it is to design, develop and use packaging that serves its purpose, as well as enriches the shopping experience and nudges brand loyalty. We provide a wide range of packaging solutions that are designed and customized to meet specific e-commerce needs.  

It is crucial to create custom packaging solutions for all types of products, from footwear to clothing. Whether it is various shipping box constructions, shipping bags, and additional items such as tissue paper, receipt holders, stickers, etc., these solutions come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your brand's needs and your products. By adding signage and compliance with the relevant waste management regulations in your brands’ market, we advise on each packaging we provide you with. Our team of experts will guide you on the right compliance information, in line with your brand’s identity and the regulations you need to comply with. Our promise is to support you in finding the best solution for you and your products, ensuring that the packaging solution chosen facilitates the shipping process from internal management, all the way to the end-user, with options for returns, reuse and recycle.

Different Types of Packaging for e-commerce — When it comes to packaging types, Trimco Group does not just offer standard packaging. We offer custom packaging solutions that are tailored to your brand. Some of the different types of packaging solutions that we offer are:

  • Cardboard boxes: Tailored to the product's size and shape, custom boxes are an excellent way to add a personal touch and show off the brand's uniqueness. Corrugated boxes come in different shapes and sizes and it’s one of the most popular form of packaging used for shipping.  
  • Bubble mailers: Whether it is accessories or other items, bubble mailers are a great choice to protect your items. We provide mailers made from recycled materials and recyclable, plastic and paper, as well as Paptic®.
  • Paper and plastic mailers: from FSC™-certified paper and Paptic® to solutions made from LDPE, bags in different sizes are a great choice for flexibility, being adaptable to different order sizes and easy to reuse or recycle.
  • E-commerce packaging additionals: from tissue paper, loyalty programs, gift cards or other additionals for your ecommerce packaging, we can customize the best solution to match your brand.
  • Polybags: Ideal for all types of products, polybags provide a cost-effective and lightweight solution to reduce the shipping cost, protect the garment and ensure your items reach your customers intact.  

Customized e-commerce packaging — Every e-commerce packaging solution that we provide is designed to help give your fashion, footwear, or home textile brand a distinct edge over the competition. At Trimco Group, we tailor our custom packaging to your brand and product, ensuring that your e-commerce packaging is as unique as the product itself, aiming for a level of personalization and branding that cannot be achieved with standard packaging.

Difference from Retail Packaging — Packaging for e-commerce is different from packaging for retail stores. Retail packaging is used to emphasize visual communication and branding for consumers shopping in brick-and-mortar spaces. While branding is equally important for e-commerce packaging, function precedes anything else in the e-commerce application. Designed to protect products during transit, promote brand awareness and enhance the unboxing experience, Trimco Group's e-commerce packaging solutions have all these components in mind, and even beyond.

What materials are suitable for e-commerce packaging? — Trimco Group uses different materials, depending on the ecommerce solution chosen. Your brand can choose between different sustainable packaging alternatives for your e-commerce setup. FSC™-certified paper, Paptic and recycled plastic are the most popular choices of material for e-commerce packaging. Choosing Trimco Group for your e-commerce packaging solutions is a surefire way to get the best quality and professional services for your brand.

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