Custom Polybags

Pack with impact – Design and function
Without question, polybags are crucial for e-commerce and the textile industry. They significantly impact how your brand protects, packages, and presents the products. While serving as a protective barrier for garments, safeguarding your items from possible dirt, moisture, and damage during storage and transportation, polybags’ role extends beyond protection. Customizable polybags offer an opportunity for your brand to enhance visibility and reinforce your identity. With options to be custom branded or to add variable data stickers, such as barcode labels for optimized inventory management, polybags transform into a powerful tool, for both the customer and the brand.

Protect your garment — The primary purpose of a polybag is to shield your garments. Trimco Group’s polybags ensure that your products are securely protected from potential damages that can occur when handling the garments. Without the use of polybags, the risk of damaging your garments can have a bigger impact on the environment, as damaged goods can mean pre-consumer textile waste and increased shipping due to potential returns.

Material choices — In Trimco Group we are firmly committed to using low-impact materials across our entire product range for the production of our polybags. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative materials, exploring alternatives to plastic. The materials we utilize usually include:

Recycled LDPE
100% recycled CPE
PLA/PBAT biodegradable material
EcoPure ®


We gladly provide guidance and consultation to help you select the material that best aligns with your brand's needs. To support a reduced use of plastics, we focus on using recycled materials and support your brand with the addition of waste sorting signage to aid and encourage end-consumers to throw their polybags in the recycling stream, rather than landfill.

Customizable printing and variable data — Want to personalize your polybags with custom printing options? We can incorporate your brand logo or create unique designs, tailored to your requirements. You can also take advantage of variable data printing, which allows you to print diverse information on variable data labels and stickers for efficient stock handling. This makes each bag distinct and tailored to your needs and setup.

Balancing quality and competitive prices  — We are committed to providing exceptional polybags at cost-effective pricing. We ensure you receive high-caliber polybags that truly represent excellent value for your investment. Send us a message to discuss your polybags setup.

More than transparent polybags  — Who said polybags have to be transparent and boring? We offer colorful options to make your polybag visually appealing and be best aligned with your brand aesthetics.

Align polybag design with your brand’s trims  — Our polybags can be designed to align with trims, creating a cohesive and polished look for your apparel. If you need support with your design, our international team of in-house designers can help you on this task.

Easy online ordering system — Working with us is a breeze. You can swiftly and conveniently place your orders through our online ordering system, TrimConnect. Our caring and attentive Support Team has got you covered.

International signage and compliance — Our polybags comply with international standards and regulations, ensuring the safety and legality of your product packaging across all countries. This includes everything from the Triman logo to the Italian waste sorting requirements.

By choosing us for your polybag needs, experience the difference in quality, design, and service.

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