NFC Enabled Solutions

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short range, wireless RFID technology, which can be used for countless consumer marketing and interaction purposes.

NFC tags can be enriched with information, added to a physical object and read with a smartphone, turning it into an interactive experience. NFC enabled solutions and products are a step up from a QR code where the user simply taps the badge or tag with their smart device and is directed to a link specified in the chip. Just like the QR code, the NFC chip can also have multiple purposes, both for consumers and internal or business goals in the same place.

Just like a QR code — Only faster — Possible uses are similar to the QR code but have the advantage of not requiring any specific effort of scanning a code – the user simply taps their smart device on the tag or badge carrying the NFC chip. The NFC chip can be used as visible stickers (like the back of a hangtag) or embedded inside badges and tags. Access to the same Trimco applications as with the QR code is possible.

Enabled by durability - Some NFC solutions can survive a large number of washes and contain technology that functions both at very low and very high temperatures, often with a life expectancy that is considerably longer than most garments.

NFC Applications in retail - Use NFC to accelerate sales through customer convenience, boost brand engagement and loyalty and as a tool for Marketing communication and campaigns. NFC solutions can be matched with smart clothing and are designed for customers to learn about a product, reducing the need for additional tags.

In-store Application - Use your NFC tags also for interactive in-store experiences to engage customers with interactive signage – add your NFC tags on posters, displays, POS, dressing room mirrors and so on. Send push promotions or exclusive content and connect customers to loyalty programs, or use NFC as an excellent solution for product authentication and anti-counterfeiting.

Depending on your brand’s needs, the NFC solutions can include NFC enabled badges, hangtags, stickers or different NFC tags.

Gain market intelligence - The Brand Owner will receive real-time information about how consumers use their products, customer demographic, interests and habits.

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