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Take Your Trims to the next level with QR Codes      
QRcodes – a tech essential in fashion

The future of fashion is digital. At Trimco Group, we understand the need of the industry to fuse innovative technology with the world of fashion and footwear. As a leading player in the industry, our mission is to empower brands by providing cutting-edge solutions that elevate their identity and enhance customer engagement. We understand the nuances of fashion, the importance of distinction, and the power of precision. Most of all, we understand change.

Embracing QR Codes: The Future of Labels and Trims

Technology is redefining the way we interact with products. Even if the use of QR codes is not new to us, the power of these tiny, scannable codes that convey a wealth of information, makes them an ideal choice for labels and trims. At Trimco Group, we harness the potential of QR codes to provide unique and personalized experiences for your customers.

“Bridge the gap between fashion and technology, faciliating Digital product passports and revolutionize the future of sustainable fashion with qr codes.

Unique QR Codes for Your Unique Garments and Shoes

Imagine providing the end consumer with specific information about the garment or the pair of shoes that they’re holding.

Start your Digital Product Passport Journey - Provide sourcing and manufacturing information, and advise on care, repair, recycling, and even reselling options for that specific item. Whether it is a limited edition collection or an exclusive item, we can help you implement unique QR codes on printed and woven labels, that will stay with the item for its entire lifecycle.

Applications in Labels and Trims

At Trimco Group, we seamlessly integrate QR codes into your labels and trims. This can be used in various ways:

Product Authentication: QR codes can help verify the authenticity of your products, protecting your brandreputation and building customer trust. Counterfeiting has become an in creasing practice, and as a brand, you need to find ways to protect yourself, as well as your consumers. With the use of QR Codes or NFC technology as an alternative, this is possible.

Sustainability Stories: Showcase your commitment to sustainability by sharing the journey of your products, from sourcing to production, and all the way to the product’s end of life. Educate consumers on best behavior to encourage circular fashion.

Advantages of QR Codes

Unlimited Information Access: QR codes can hold a vast amount of data, from product details, manufacturing history, to the brand story. This serves as an interactive label that speaks volumes about your brand and its values.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: By scanning the QR code, customers can access exclusive or personalized content. This not only enriches the shopping experience but also fosters a deeper connection between your brand and customers.

Come aboard with Trimco Group, and let's employ the power of QR codes to uplift your brand’s identity. Take the first step towards a future where every trim tells a tale, and every label is a gateway to a unique brand experience. Enhance your sales in the short and long run with a square that is worth 1000 words. Implement successful DPP initiatives and supply chain transparency.

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