Track and Trace

Sustainability track and trace at Trimco Group - We believe that supply chain transparency starts from within the supply chain. Before helping brands take a step towards traceability and compliance monitoring, at Trimco Group, we have committed to ensuring transparency across our own supply chain first. Responsible and ethical production chain, upholding solid human rights practices, and focusing on sourcing that contributes to positive environmental outcomes is everyone’s responsibility, including ours.

To support brands in their production track&trace journey, we have created ProductDNA® – a supply chain monitoring platform that helps brands monitor their suppliers’ social and environmental compliance (Certificate Manager), trace their material sustainability efforts (Sustainability Track&Trace), and provide transparency for the end-consumer through access to the collected information with the help of QR codes, NFC or RFID (On-product communication).

Our Material Certificates

Due to the rising awareness and focus on the global environmental problems and increasing consumer pressure, it has become crucial to improve our production’s environmental performance to follow international standards and regulations. Approved products, materials, and processes are essential to responsible production. Using ProductDNA®, we have generated the map above to highlight our production facilities’ sustainability certificates, with an easily accessible overview of available up-to-date certificates.

Our Social Compliance Certificates

As a key part of the supply chain, we believe that being on top of our compliance is vital. Thanks to ProductDNA®, we can monitor social compliance across our production sites, a continuing process in which we strive to protect the health, safety, and rights of our employees, community, and the environment in which they operate. To do so, we rely on social compliance standards that authenticate that international and local labor rights are respected, such as amfori BSCI, Sedex SMETA, and Higg FEM.

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