On the surface, making the most sustainable choices in terms of trims, packaging and source tagging may seem straightforward. Unfortunately, it is not so simple. Instead, it is necessary to look at sustainability from a holistic perspective. Look at all links in the value chain and ensure the individual efforts work with rather than against each other.

For example, geographical differences in legal requirements, regulations, and local waste management may require different solutions across your brand’s various distribution markets.

At Trimco, we fill the role of a trusted partner and brand guardian, no matter how little or how much sustainability is part of your brand profile. We support your sustainable strategy, whether your target is to become a plastic-free brand, minimize your environmental impact, reduce landfill waste, or focus on projects that support a circular economy model.

Supply Chain Traceability & Management

We’ve created ProductDNA® with the goal of it being a comprehensive solution that helps brands monitor, report, assess, and optimize their supply chain - all in one place. ProductDNA® relieves brands from the exhausting workload of manually collecting certifications and handling data in different locations. ProductDNA® is about taking action, making a change, and facilitating a compliant and circular mindset for the industry and the future.

Social & Environmental Compliance

Whether you want to monitor the social and environmental compliance across your supply chain with the help of ProductDNA®, or if you want to ensure our production lives up to your standards, we can support you and achieve the level of transparency you need and want to have.

Care & Content International Setup

Trimco Group has access to a global database of care label translations and can ensure correct icon conversion to meet every market’s requirements. It can be tough to navigate the different regulations for labeling across products when entering anew market. We ensure your care labels comply with the active regulations within your countries of distribution, and we offer advice on optimizing costs and reducing waste.

Waste Management Signage

Trimco Group’s compliance team can advise on global waste management signage, conforming to the active regulations for packaging and trims. For all the products and solutions we provide, we ensure that the waste management signage needed is applied and incorporated into the design to match the markets you serve.

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