Sustainable materials

Trimco offers a wide range of products and raw materials that enable you to optimize your brand’s sustainability goals by reducing, reusing, or recycling. Here are some of our capabilities that have different approaches to sustainability and represent a better choice of materials based on their sourcing or recyclability options. We always keep an eye on the latest innovations and other materials that might be available as we continuously develop new and improved options.

Paper options

For trims and packaging, paper is one of the most used materials, making the choice of quality even more important. Here are the most popular options for paper materials:

FSC™-certified paper - Recycled with post-consumer waste - FSC™-certified parchment - Non-wood paper w/ agricultural waste - Sugarcane - Cotton - Water dissolve - FSC™-certified paper with agricultural content - Paptic®.

Label materials

As a label manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in the field, our broad range of materials for your labels includes recycled or organic materials such as:

100% recycled polyester woven and printed labels - Textile-to-textile recycled polyester - 100% recycled satin tapes - Organic cotton (woven) and printed - Cellulosic fibers like Lyocell, Tencel™, Refibra™, SeaCell™ - Natural fibers like bamboo, hemp, and linen - Recycled cotton - Mono-material or mixed to meet the specific requirements of our brands.

Badge materials

Used to accessorize or to fulfill a function, the innovative materials for badges vary depending on the durability requirements, style, and design needs. This category always has a high interest due to the interesting storytelling it provides and the possibilities keep evolving:

Recycled Silicone • FSC™-certified Jacron • 100% recycled polyester embroidery • BCI cotton embroidery • Chrome-free leather • Recycled leathers • Recycled TPU • Bio-based materials like Pineapple, apple, corn, coffee, and eggshells • Recycled or water-based PU • Recycled felt • Recycled polyamide/elastane.

Strings materials

As a part of your hangtags, the choice of materials for your strings is equally essential and should match the material options for your trims.

Organic cotton - 100% recycled polyester with GRS certificate - Hemp - Jute - Paper - Recycled chenille

Seals materials

Seals play an important role in your trims, and we offer different choices to match your needs. Choosing a seal option gives you a more secure solution in attaching hangtags to garments and lots of brands use seals as a security measure not only in shops but also to manage unused returns.

Recycled polyester - Starch - PLA - Recycled EVA - Recycled PP - Recycled PS

These can successfully be used in combination with the string types available as mentined.

Care Labels materials

Care labels need to be the perfect combination of durability and function. Able to withstand a higher number of washes with the content still legible, the best options for care labels are:

Printed on 100% recycled polyester satin - Organic cotton - Recycled nylon - Tencel™ - Bamboo - Recycled TPU

Packaging materials

Living up to the new regulations that ask for recycled and recyclable content, our packaging options can easily support your sustainability goals without compromising quality:

FSC™-certified paper - Paptic® - Sugarcane - Biodegradable bags - 100% pre and post-consumer recycled plastic or LDPE - RPET bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles - Stoner paper made from crushed limestones - Able to add biodegradable polymers into conventional plastic, making the plastic biodegradable.

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