Webinar: Navigating GHG Emission Data Collection for Fashion and Footwear Brands

November 23

Join us for a webinar where Sustainability and Compliance Director Camilla Mjelde decodes the topic of carbon footprints, requirements for data collection, and solutions for fashion and footwear brands. The session is designed to empower industry professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to collect data from a global supply chain on their carbon footprint.

We'll be demystifying Europe's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the SEC Climate-Related Disclosures on greenhouse gas emissions reporting in the USA. Gain a clear understanding of these crucial regulations and how they impact your brand's sustainability efforts.

Explore the challenges that often arise in obtaining this data. We'll guide you through the maze of data collection, highlighting solutions you can tap into, making your sustainability journey less daunting and more productive.

Get a brief introduction to our proprietary ProductDNA® solution, a game-changer for brands seeking to streamline their carbon footprint data collection. Learn how this innovative tool can support your GHGe data collection.

There are only a limited number of seats, so don't miss out – book yours now!

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Camilla Mjelde

Care & Content and Sustainability Director

Spending more than 15 years in the fashion and textile industry, Camilla Mjelde knows the ins and outs of the industry. Driven by her vision for a fair fashion industry and fueled by an unrelenting passion for helping brands lead a socially and environmentally more responsible business, Camilla is an industry expert and trusted advisor within supply chain responsibility. She masters the art of combining international regulations and compliance with real-life examples and advice.

Fredrik Häggström

Business Development Manager

Part of the Sustainability team at Trimco Group, Fredrik is passionate about solutions with a positive social and environmental impact. As a Business Development manager, his role at Trimco Group is to help bridge the worlds of fashion and technology, drive change, and support brands in their compliance journey. With extensive experience and understanding of retail and tech solutions, he’s helped brands for over 20 years to achieve their goals and boost their potential.

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