Introducing ERA

a versatile and bold trims collection crafted for Formal, Contemporary, Performance, and Denim styles.

Utilizing recycled polyester, cotton paper, monomaterials, biodegradable CiCLO technology, and Algae Ink, the new ERA collection emphasizes striking visual storytelling combined with a “less is more” design mantra.

The Formal range features bold minimalism with monochrome palettes and elegant embossing, while Denim captures vintage authenticity with funky fonts and jacron. Contemporary trims boast vibrant, layered textures perfect for luxury brands, and Performance blends fashion with functionality through neon colors and sensory-rich materials, each with its elements of surprise.

With over 200 meticulously designed items across five application areas, "ERA" offers a comprehensive selection that caters to modern aesthetics and the needs of diverse fashion brands

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