Data integration

When partnering with Trimco Group, you have access to our global team of experts and support within data-integrating solutions, making sure that your brand and data are in good hands.

Everything we do is more or less connected to data. To achieve efficient results, Trimco Group is your trusted partner, ensuring accurate data, anywhere in the world.

“We ensure data security and accuracy no matter where in the world you need our data integration solutions and products.

Care & Content Compliance — With access to a global database of care label translations, at Trimco Group, our goal is to ensure that brands have the correct garment care translation and icon conversion to comply with the regulations in all distribution markets.

As part of our brand support, we audit the existing care & content setup or advise brands on the best option for one, focused on cost optimization and reducing product waste.

Read more about care labels and care and content data solutions here.

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Digital traceability solutions and ESG advisory — Trimco has created ProductDNA® with the goal of being the complete traceability solutionwith the least workload for brands, including digitally-driven options to support circular initiatives and better waste management at the product’s end-of-life.

From monitoring social and environmental compliance to material analysis and reporting on weight-based claims or international EPR schemes for packaging, our team of experts customizes the best setup for ESG monitoring and reporting based on your brand’s data.

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an advanced solution for fashion, that increases efficiency across the supply chain, reduces costs, and saves you time due to the automation of processes.

RFID tags enable your brand to monitor every transaction of the garment: from the point of manufacturing to inventory management and, finally, to the point of sale and exit or even beyond.

The wireless technology reduces the need for line-of-sight identification and increases reliable and shared stock data through central data monitoring.

As one of the main ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, it’s no wonder that an ever-increasing number of retailers and brands are catching on to the benefits that RFID technology brings them. Furthermore, brands that have not yet considered RFID for themselves are already compelled to begin working with RFID to meet the prerequisites of the growing number of RFID-ready retailers.

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Variable data solutions Source Tagging Solutions for brands’ variable data shouldn’t be a headache. We ensure data security and accuracy no matter where in the world you and your suppliers need variable data products.

Variable data source tagging means applying supply chain labeling at the point of production, ensuring goods are securely tagged with barcodes, informational supporting texts, compliance details, dynamic QR codes, and sales prices, as well as RFID-ready to be received at a distribution center, warehouse, e-commerce partner or retail store.

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