EU Due Diligence Training: Spotlight on Supply Chain Solutions

Aug 31, 2023

Even if it might sound cliché, we proudly label ourselves as experts in supply chain monitoring. Our commitment is not just limited to bolstering local communities and industries; we're equally dedicated to cultivating a culture that values responsibility and transparency within their supply chains.

Our Bangladeshi team had the honor of representing Trimco Group at the "EU Due Diligence & Chemical Strategy" training. Conducted by experts from the Danish Working Environment Authority (DWEA) & Sustainable and Supply Chain Advisory (SSCA) of the Trade Council of Denmark in South Asia, the event brought together experts from various fields to discuss critical issues surrounding chemical and product safety, as well as Danish brands’ representatives.

Our colleagues presented ProductDNA®, an innovative supply chain track and trace solution, to an engaged audience of fashion brand representatives and industry stakeholders. The aim was to highlight the importance of digital solutions inenhancing transparency and improving risk assessment within the fashion and textile industry.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, sparking a lively Q&A session and further discussions about the future of supply chain tracing. This experience reinforces our belief that digital transformation holds the key to more sustainable and responsible supply chains.

Our enthusiasm for innovative thinking and projects that can help and support brands in their sustainability strategy is immense, and we know that ProductDNA® has already carved out a substantial role in it. Looking forward to continuing our work towards a more sustainable and transparent industry.

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