Manufacturing with solar energy at Trimco Group

May 25, 2023
Press release

Trimco Group Vietnam, in collaboration with Vietnam Singapore Smart Energy Solutions Joint Stock Company (VSSES), a joint venture company between Singapore and Vietnam companies, has launched their solar panel project. As part of the company’s ESG goals, this project was launched to reduce carbon emissions and electricity costs at its location in Vietnam. The initiative forms part of the company’s wider mission to commit to smart, sustainable energy solutions, minimize carbon footprint, and make another step towards a sustainable future worldwide.

The shift towards reliable and affordable electricity is not new, with many companies and households making the switch worldwide, however, it is not a standard either, especially for larger international companies. Trimco Group Vietnam began the installation of 117Kwh solar panels on the rooftop of their facility earlier this year, and this phase was completed in March, 2023, with visible results already starting with the coming month of April.

The installation of these 117Kwh solar panels at the Trimco facility will accrue savings of around 15% compared to current power consumption at the company. As the installation, running, and maintenance of solar panels involves no health hazards and, importantly, does not generate any carbon dioxide, nor other harmful emissions associated with coal, the carbon footprint is also considerably reduced.

The total rooftop area for the project is around 3,710 sqm. The project aims to be a long-term goal spread across the next 20 years as part of Trimco’s ESG commitments to reduce their carbon footprint and commit more and more to renewable energies within their facilities. Nonetheless, the total generating capacity of the solar project facility in its first phase is 117kwp, equivalent to 468kwh per day. The installed capacity of the system can be adjusted or increased in accordance with the results of the project and demand of Trimco Vietnam.

We are extremely excited for the ongoing launch of this long-term project to continue developing, implementing and improving Trimco’s commitment to sustainability. It is of vital importance to us that we play our part in reducing carbon emissions worldwide by making a sustainable change that benefits Trimco, the local communities and the planet.”, says Edwin Yu, Group COO at Trimco Group.

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