Ready to pack the Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders?

Nov 24, 2022

Black Friday or Black Week, sometimes even Black Month – the last weekend of November, has become an international shopping phenomenon. Are you doing something different for your e-commerce orders?

The history goes back to 1869, and for decades, the day after Thanksgiving has become a shopping phenomenon. If this is not enough, to encourage people to shop more online, Cyber Monday joined the November frenzy back in 2005, today being one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. If retailers were challenged by the covid-19 pandemic in the past, instability caused by inflation and war the new challenges today

Traditionally, November is one of the busiest times for retailers investing in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events, with the inclusion of Singles Day in the past years. According to Adobe Analytics, online consumer spending in October 2023 rose to $76.8 billion (up by 5.9% YoY), a $4.3 billion increase from the previous year. This is a notable 13.6% growth from September 2023. The boost in spending was largely driven by promotional events like Prime Day and the adoption of flexible payment options like Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL). From January to October 2023, total online spending reached $759 billion, marking a 4.3% YoY rise. (Source: Adobe Analytics)

But how many brands leverage Black Friday sales as an opportunity to influence customer loyalty?

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are short-term experiences, providing additional value beyond the “Add to cart” action can help brands convert customers beyond Cyber Week when placing e-commerce orders. And one way to do that is by delivering a pleasant delivery with personalised packaging.

Choosing the right shipping box or bag, going for personalized graphics, giveaways, or paying particular attention to the enclosed receipt or information about loyalty programs are details that can make a customer feel special and choose your brand instead of another in the future.

But the shipping experience should be an all-year-round priority. When it comes to e-commerce and online shopping, the shipping packaging and content boxing can make it or break it.

Trimco Group knows this and does more than provide you with the best choice for your packaging needs; but it can also advise you on the right solution, from material to design.

So, are you ready to give your packaging a second thought?

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