Product packaging for special occasions

Feb 14, 2022

Whether we’re talking Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries,  or any other day that asks for a celebration or a way to say “thank you”, wrapping our gratitude and congratulations is something that we all do.

Special occasions ask for special preparations, and the most common way to mark such an event is usually through a gift. The act of giving or receiving presents is very personal and can almost be considered an art. Every nice gesture, though, deserves a proper package.

A positive shopping experience is key

Shopping for a present is an entire journey in itself. When a customer chooses your brand to browse ideas and thinks of your shop as the place to find the perfect gift, in-store display and product packaging play a vital role in the process. According to the “State of the in-store experience”, a study by Raydiant from 2021, “82% of respondents say a positive in-location experience makes them more likely to return to a physical establishment”. But what does that mean?

As a brand, marking special occasions with special product packaging or unique in-store display is a way to help customers feel supported when looking for the perfect gift.

While online shopping has increased in the past years, the in-store experience has remained just as important. If customers have chosen a brick-and-mortar shop over an online purchase, making sure the retail experience is at its best will influence the current purchase decision and other future purchases.

Does product packaging matter?

Yes, it does. Product packaging carries an immense value, whether we’re talking online or in-store purchases. While the design is still ranking high, the demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions is just as high. Green packaging and reusability are the main drivers that propel the sustainable packaging market and become crucial for the overall brand experience and purchase decision, with long-term effects. Whether it is product packaging or the choice for e-commerce packaging, they play a significant role in making cherished moments memorable.

At Trimco Group, our teams specialize in finding the best solution for brands, from design to function, for both product packaging and store deco, all customized to every brand’s needs. Is your brand ready to “mark the occasion”?

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