Seamless partnerships in fashion: TOG24 & Trimco Group

Jun 4, 2024
Brand Case

Details that make up a brand's identity - from hangtags and labels to badges, polybags, and even shipping bags - are essential elements that must reflect the essence of the brand. The partnership between TOG24, the Yorkshire-based British fashion brand known for its outdoor apparel, and Trimco Group, its selected partner for trim and packaging solutions, is an example of successful collaboration. From precision in every branded element down to the waste sorting labeling, the story of our collaboration with the team at TOG24 is about facilitating a smooth transition for brands moving from one supplier to another, ensuring a trouble-free experience that is as comfortable as slipping into one of TOG24’s premium outdoor jackets.

The challenge of change

Supplier transitions can be a daunting task for fashion brands, often leading to disruptions and quality issues. TOG24, with its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, needed a partner who could meet its high standards without compromising its operations. This is where Trimco Group stepped in, offering end-to-end solutions in trims and packaging, and proving to be the perfect ally for TOG24 in navigating these challenges. We are delighted to have support TOG24 with the following solutions:

  • Hangtags & Swing Tags: Vital for conveying the brand story and product information at the point of sale.
  • Labels & Badges: These elements are sewn into garments to display the brand logo and size information, crucial for brand recognition.
  • Polybags & Shipping Bags: Packaging used for e-commerce purposes, these materials need to be durable and eco-friendly, aligning with the brand’s sustainability values.
  • Waste Sorting Labeling: Essential for supporting the brand’s environmental efforts by promoting correct disposal and recycling.

Our goal was to ensure that every trim and packaging item we produce for TOG24 is a true representation of the brand’s identity,” explains David Walker, Director of Sales at Trimco Group. “Their emphasis on branded trims like hangtags, labels, and badges goes beyond mere aesthetic appeal; it’s about creating a complete brand experience that resonates with customers and aligns with the brand’s values of durability, functionality, and sustainability, staying true to their “Truth Over Glory Everyday” – TOG24 up to this day. It is a pleasure supporting TOG24 on this journey.

Woven together by common values

TOG24, notable for its extensive range of clothing and accessories designed for the true outdoors, prides itself on quality and durability, from cozy fleeces and coats to functional items. The details, like trims, cannot fall behind, thus the partnership was built from the get-go on mutual trust and alignment on expectations, with continuous support ever since.

Our experience working with Trimco has been brilliant, when Trimco were able to offer us a service that we hadn’t known we were looking for that has now become an essential part of our business. From the beginning, Trimco understood our brand’s values and goals and have gone above and beyond to ensure that all our needs have been met.

They continue to deliver an excellent service and personalized approach to our business that has streamlined a lot of our processes and allowed us to continue to grow. Trimco have become an invaluable part of our supply chain, and we thoroughly enjoy working with them,” remarks Vanessa Barber, Head of Product at TOG24.

The successful collaboration between TOG24 and Trimco Group highlights the importance of choosing the right partners in the fashion industry. Focusing on seamless transitions, unwavering quality, and customer satisfaction demonstrates that the right partnerships can lead not just to operational efficiency but also to enhanced product offerings and happier customers.

While trends come and go, quality and brand trust remain paramount, we are proud that the partnership between TOG24 and Trimco Group can be seen as a model of collaboration built on mutual respect, shared values, and a singular focus on excellence.

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