Space Savers: Meet Trimco Group’s Peel & Reveal Sticker

Nov 10, 2023

There is often a struggle with space when it comes to product packaging. Compliance data, brand information, and other necessary details must be included, but the space limitations of labels, sock riders, and banderols can be challenging. This is particularly true for businesses selling products through diverse channels globally, both online and in physical stores.

To solve this challenge, many companies have resorted to less attractive solutions, such as paper labels and glue dots - a way not only aesthetically lacking but also challenging for vendors to apply.

Real-case solutions

Recognising these issues, our team at Source Tagging Solutions teamed up with our commercial partners to devise an original solution: the Peel&Reveal Sticker. We took this idea from concept to reality, developing two versions – one is FSC™-certified (FSC™C137962) paper, and the other option is durable white wood-based Forest Film™.

The Peel&Reveal sticker was met with enthusiasm by the brands requesting the solution, who appreciated the ability to source the peel-and-reveal alternative from anywhere in the world, as opposed to being limited by suppliers from one region. Another great asset of the solution is that it can be printed in all our production sites and is today the solution of choice for many brands that need this type of variable data stickers.

With the option to choose between 3- and 5-page Pee&Reveal Stickers, your brand now has a flexible option to suit your needs. Several of our partnering brands are already looking forward to implementing this product in line with their upcoming rebranding.

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our clients and creating solutions that address their specific needs. Whether it's a matter of data or product design, we're here to help turn your ideas into reality. Reach out to us today to see how we can assist.  

There are, of course, other solutions to store higher amounts of information on labels and stickers, such as QR Codes or NFC solutions. Fortunately, we can provide support for those options too. Does any of these solutions sound like a good fit for your brand?

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