The Power of TPU

Apr 18, 2023

The use of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) for clothing labels has become increasingly popular lately in the fashion industry thanks to its durability and versatility. A versatile polymer with unique properties, TPU is an excellent choice for every brand, from outdoor and active brands, thanks to its durability advantages, to luxury brands, for its exclusive look and feel.

Why are brands looking into using TPU?

TPU is a type of plastic highly durable and resistant to tear, making it an ideal choice for clothing items that will be washed and worn frequently. TPU labels are immune to water, heat, and chemicals – a perfect choice for clothing items. Soft yet durable, TPU is often used on items worn close to the skin, like swimwear, lingerie, performance wear, t-shirts, thermals, leggings, or trousers. Its softness and comfortable texture tends to recommend TPU for sensitive skin types too.

The allure of its soft-to-touch properties and sleek matt appearance means that its applications can go beyond the care label. Unlike fabric or paper labels, TPU labels are less prone to fade, crack or peel, ensuring that your brand message remains visible and legible for a long time.

Another benefit of TPU clothing labels is their versatility. TPU labels can be made in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them a perfect choice for brands that want to create unique and eye-catching label designs. Whether you’re looking for a simple, understated label or a bold, colorful design, TPU labels can be customized to suit your brand’s unique style. Easy to apply, TPU can be used as labels, heat transfer, or hangtags, opening for different application opportunities.

Last, but definitely not least, TPU labels are also a material choice that has less of a negative impact on the environment. At Trimco Group, TPU labels are made from recycled waste and are also recyclable, with no need for material blends. TPU can be used as a mono-material label, facilitating waste management. By choosing TPU labels, clothing brands can reduce their environmental impact while still creating high-quality, durable labels that will stand the test of time.

TPU labels can be used for Variable Data Source Tagging Solutions

In addition to its various functionalities, the TPU label is a standard material choice at Trimco Group, used for managing different variable data, and can be obtained in transparent, black, and off-white options, amongst others. Furthermore, the label is produced using recycled materials, and two-color printing is possible on the label.

Whether it’s TPU or paper, utilizing STS items for printing information tags enables us to minimize the necessity of storing vast quantities of brand-specific products on our premises. Instead, the tags can be printed on demand, akin to our routine variable data orders, which reduces waste and allows us to benefit from our in-house printing capabilities.

To sum up

TPU clothing labels are a smart choice for fashion brands. With their durability, versatility, softness, flexibility for design, environmental impact, ease of application and long-lasting legibility, these labels are the perfect way to brand your clothing items and create a lasting impression with your customers. Whether you’re looking for a simple label design or a vivid, eye-catching graphic, TPU labels are an excellent option for any brand.

Interested in TPU for your trims and variable data items?

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