Trimco Group Announces Collaboration with Raddis®Cotton to Accelerate its Sustainability Journey

Jun 27, 2023

Investing in the production of climate-smart rainfed regenerative cotton

Trimco Group, announces its strategic partnership with the Raddis®System, an innovative collaborative value network, where the textile supply chain is actively transformed into value networks from seed to finished product with climate-smart rainfed regenerative cotton.

The partnership aims to propel Trimco Group's sustainability journey to the next level, in response to the recent IPCC report, emphasizing the immediate need for action from every individual, company, and government.

By investing and supporting the production of regenerative cotton as part of this partnership, Trimco Group is highlighting its commitment to exploring innovative ways to give back more to nature than it takes, driving positive change for our planet. This decisive move marks an exciting chapter in the company's journey towards climate positivity. By acquiring new knowledge about the innovative way of reviving landscapes and growing symbiotic crops in food & fiber eco-systems and advocating the work Raddis®Cotton does, Trimco hopes to inspire other brands to do the same.

Trimco Group recognizes that we are all important players in the regeneration of our planet. The partnership with Raddis®Cotton will empower both organizations to make significant strides towards creating a more livable future for all.

Because it is truly driven by the will to change the situation of the tribal (female) farmers in India, Raddis®Cotton has actively chosen to minimize the endorsement of renowned certification bodies, and with a good reason for that. Raddis® is documenting the process and supporting the farmers, cutting down the costs of multiple expensive audits, that have recently been questioned for their accuracy.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Raddis®Cotton, a company that shares and supports our values and commitment to sustainability," said Camilla Mjelde, Sustainability Director at Trimco Group. "This collaboration will enable us to take the next steps and go beyond the expected in our efforts to protect the environment by turning towards regenerative cotton, supporting both sustainable sources for the processing of cotton for trims, as well as contributing to improving the life of the farmers driving this change."

Over the next five years, the Raddis®System aims to convert 25,000 acres of cotton from degenerative mono-crop agriculture to rain-fed regenerative organic methods increase water retention capacity by 20-30%, increase farm biodiversity (species and genetic) by 100%, remove 12,125 kg of toxic pesticides, remove 3.022 ton of synthetic fertilizers, sequester 16,175 ton of carbon in the soil, remove 60,000 ton of CO2 from the atmosphere, eliminate GMOs from 25,000 acres and double the income of 12,500 farmers by increasing premiums and reducing the cost of cultivation. By working together, both companies aim to inspire, learn, and discover innovative solutions to address the pressing environmental challenges facing our planet.

We welcome Trimco Group as a partner within the Raddis®System: our collaboration model not only empowers Trimco Group to enhance their impact within their own value chains but also provides farmers with a dedicated buyer for an extended period, ensuring stability and sustainability,” mentions Niccy Kol, Impact Catalyst at Raddis.

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