Can RFID and other variable data solutions still be applied when data is missing or incomplete?

Feb 17, 2022

Variable data and RFID are more exciting topics to talk about than you might think. Whether it is simply to display product data, protect the brand against counterfeit risks or increase stock efficiency, digital technologies and multiple solutions for the upkeep of item variable data can be applied, depending on the brand’s needs, complexity and setup.


The RFID and Source Tagging Solutions (STS) department at Trimco Group supports brands and retailers’ supply chains through data management and printing of variable data items such as tags, adhesive labels, and care labels, including RFID and NFC enabled products. They advise customers on data solutions and international compliance standards to ensure correct tagging no matter where in the world the brands’ products are being sold. The STS team helps brands implement the right solution to match their needs avoiding reoccurring issues and unnecessary costs. When it’s time to make amendments, the STS team can respond quickly, implementing most changes shortly after receiving the request.

Working with a large amount of data for different items connected to various garment manufacturers demands accurate and often unique detail in order to identify the correct party to supply the labelling and which garments it needs to be applied to.

The problem

Not all brands can conform to a uniform data file structure. Whenever possible, solutions and an outside-of-the-box mentality are needed to avoid brands facing more complex problems like changing the data file structure or having suppliers manually enter information.

In the case of one recent customer, despite having all print data available, the brand had no way to uniquely identify its styles. In another case, the brand had very little information on hand, as they previously allowed their suppliers to handle labelling themselves. When moving to an RFID inventory system, data accuracy becomes more important than ever even if the suppliers continue to contribute part of the data.

The solution

Together with the brands, our team assessed, analysed and conceptualised various options before coming up with a series of solutions:

The first solution optimised the packaging stickers – here, the supplier is now able to call off a style and provide additional details on-screen to identify their orders. This allows for the integral variable data to remain protected from manipulation, ensuring accurate printing but still making the ordering process as smooth as possible.

The second solution targeted RFID optimisation, where a limited number of suppliers were able to act as a link between the brand and Trimco Group, uploading their very own data files.

The conclusion

Every single brand has something bothering them, and that’s fine because no one is perfect. We believe that together, we can find the right solution. At Trimco Group, our STS Team takes the time to analyse and identify the issues the brand struggles with, providing support from the initial discussion to solution implementation and beyond. And our job doesn’t stop there. We provide fast and reliable support post-deployment. Whether it is care labels, RFID inventory systems, QR code labels, barcode labels or other types of variable data printing, our team is geared to find the right solution and match the brand’s needs. Consider Trimco Group for your variable data and RFID strategy.

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