VIBE VIBE: The talented designer who creates clothes that pass the test of time

Oct 26, 2023
Brand Case

In a world where sustainability resonates with both consumers and brands, the Danish fashion scene welcomes a new name that brings more than unique patterns into the picture — VIBE VIBE. Born from the creative spark of Vibe Juul Thomsen, a bachelor graduate from Design School Kolding, VIBE VIBE is set to become synonymous with innovative and sustainable fashion. If you live in Denmark, you might recognize Vibe as the winner of the TV program "Danmarks Næste Tøjdesigner" 2023 / “Denmark’s Next Fashion Designer”. With the support of two other renowned Danish brands, Mads Nørgaard and Magasin, VIBE VIBE is launching the first collection with the brand's unique concept of "gemmetøj" or "clothing to hold on to" aiming to redefine how we perceive and interact with our wardrobe.

The VIBE VIBE Vision

At the heart of VIBE VIBE's ethos is the belief in creating long lasting pieces that transcend fleeting trends. With garments designed to adapt to the wearer's changing body shape, Vibe Juul Thomsen, the founder of VIBE VIBE, encourages her upcoming “wearers” to cherish their clothing for a longer time, thus promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

A New Aesthetic Paradigm

VIBE VIBE's design aesthetic combines classic silhouettes with playful proportions and intricate details. This inclusive approach caters to diverse body types and sizes, challenging traditional beauty norms and celebrating individuality. Each piece is not just a garment—it's a statement, a rebellion against the fast-fashion culture.

Ensuring that every detail of Vibe’s creations for her brand echoes the sustainable philosophy that the brand wants to embody, Trimco Group was commissioned by one of the two partnering brands to create the labels and hangtags for this exciting brand. This was done with a deep commitment to quality and environmental responsibility, underlining the essence of VIBE VIBE's ethos.

Working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, it was refreshing to work on the sustainability initiative and witness the talent of Vibe Juul Thomsen, who launched her first collection, “The Colour in Everything,” on October 24th online and in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark. Will we see her name internationally soon?

At Trimco Group, we wanted to share this inspiring story, as we believe that the world of fashion will surely hear about VIBE VIBE for a long time from now, and it is only the beginning for Vibe. Fashion needs more like-minded brands to start rethinking how we design, produce, and consume fashion for the sake of both people and the planet.

If you want to read more about Vibe and her brand VIBE VIBE, follow her on Instagram or check, or read more about it (in Danish) on Magasin’s website or Mads Nørgaard’s website and check out her designs when visiting the Magasin shops in Copenhagen and Aarhus!

Work in progress from the VIBE VIBE atelier. Photo courtesy of VIBE VIBE
Photo: Peter William Vinther
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