Game, Set, Match: XXL Sports & Outdoor's winning strategy with RFID technology

Apr 8, 2024
Brand Case

Fast deployment, expertise, and tags developed to match all types of products made XXL appoint Trimco Group as trusted RFID tagging partner.

In the dynamic world of sports and outdoor retail, standing out demands efficient operations, innovative solutions, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Since 2021, XXL Sports & Outdoor, one of the largest Sports and Outdoor Wholesalers in the Nordics, has implemented an RFID retail solution in their 90+ wholesale stores across the Nordics.

Starting April 1st, 2024, XXL instructed brands on RFID tagging mandates for all product supply.

Thanks to a positive and successful collaboration on apply RFID labels to XXLs own brands, the collaboration is today seen in the extensive setup covering the source tagging support for XXL’s external brands. XXL appointed Trimco Group as their designated RFID tagging partner supporting brands in need of RFID tagging for supply into XXL supply chain and multi-brand stores. Regardless of the brands data footprint, Trimco Group supports qualifying brands operating in the XXL setup, streamlining operations and making the RFID mandate rollout smoothly.

The mandate: challenges and solutions

Because XXL operates multi-brand Wholesale stores, the optimal way to ensure accuracy was to receive RFID-tagged goods from all brands selling their products through XXL. Introducing an RFID mandate was the solution to make sure that all items across XXL’s platforms were correctly tagged and operations were streamlined already when received at XXL’s Distribution Centers. Brands selling through XXL have three options:

- RFID tag products at point of manufacturing

- RFID tag products at point of dispatch from own Distribution Centre

- Leave RFID tagging of its products to XXL with the subject to a tagging service fee

While it might sound like an overwhelming task for brands, RFID tagging can be done on selected items without having to be a burden if the right partner is selected.

XXL x Trimco Group

XXL partnered with Trimco Group for its expertise in RFID technology and variable data. Trimco Group's proximity to XXL's Distribution Centers and Stores was also a significant advantage. "Our partnership with Trimco Group as XXL RFID source tagging partner has been key to moving our supply chain to the next level," says Hedmark.

With Trimco Group's support, XXL successfully incorporated RFID tags during the manufacturing process. This change resulted in increased precision, reduced cost, and improved efficiency.

Nils, Warehouse Responsible at XXL Marieberg, Örebro, highlighted the impact of this partnership, saying, "I enjoy the advantages that RFID brings to my daily work and consistently find ways to ensure as many products as possible can be RFID enabled. I want our store to be among the most stock efficient stores in the chain. The help received from Trimco Group working with suppliers to ensure they mark RFID correctly before the goods arrive in store ensures that more of our staff can be out on the shop floor instead of marking goods with RFID in our stock room.

Marcus Spangberg, XXL Operations Coordinator Norway, commented on the significant improvements, stating, “RFID has surely streamlined our store operations significantly while improving product availability. Stock takes are done much faster, more efficiently and more frequent. Our sales team uses the extra time given, on the shop sales floor which gives a higher customer satisfaction.

Thanks to RFID we are able to carry out stock taking more often. What previously took several days every few months now takes just a few hours ” Malin and Oscar, Tagging and Warehouse responsible, XXL Uppsala

Working closely with XXL's retailing brands to optimize the RFID labeling process, Felix Wirström, Head of Table Tennis at STIGA Sports, one of the brands having XXL as a selling channel, endorsed Trimco Group's approach, saying, "Trimco Group was very helpful advising us on the RFID labeling that would be most suitable for our products. Trimco Group’s production locations matched perfectly with ours supply network enabling us to apply RFID to our products at the point of manufacturing ensuring everything arrives at our retail partner’s Distribution Centres already tagged with RFID.”

RFID's advantages are proven and undeniable. XXL is one of the retailers that understood that and is already seeing increasing benefits as more and more brands adopt the technology as well. If you too are considering RFID for your business or a multi-brand retailer requires that of you, we can support you. Get in touch.

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