Reselling with QR code trims from pre-loved to re-loved

Re-Sell & Re-Wear marketplaces for preloved fashion are on the rise.
With Gen Z and Millennials leading the movement to consume preloved items, more consumers are turning to upcycled and second-hand fashion to save costs and adopt a friendlier behavior towards the environment.

At Trimco Group, we believe that smart trims have the power to make a difference. From neck and care labels to hangtags or badges, trims can be the solution to bridging technology with fashion with the help of QR codes. We think digitizing circular fashion initiatives could fuel consumers’ adoption of more sustainable behavior, making reselling projects easy, fast, and interactive.

How are you tackling resale projects?
Sewn into your garments or printed on your hangtags, a reselling project with QR-code trims can boost your circular fashion goals, and inviting users on this journey couldn’t be easier. Selling their preloved fashion and extending the lifecycle of garments starts with the simple scan of a QR code on your trims.

Does it make a difference?
Second-hand clothes have a significant positive social and environmental impact compared to new purchases. The global fashion industry emits 1.7 billion tons of CO2 yearly, representing more than all air and sea travel combined. By 2030, the GHG caused by fashion is said to rise by 50%. This is why circular fashion and business models can make a difference. For a truly circular solution, after reselling preloved items, support the circular process by guiding users on their recycling options.

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