Whether it is e-commerce packaging, polybags, or product packaging, our team will always think out of the box for your packaging needs if you’re looking for sustainable product packaging options or creative solutions.
We create innovative and custom-made packaging solutions that reflect your product’s value proposition and showcase this in a clear and persuasive way.

Every packaging solution we create is tailor-made and unique, just like every brand’s story.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions Trimco Group Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Our packaging team is always searching for the latest innovations and materials to create new, inspiring and more sustainable packaging solutions for the brand’s packaging needs. Product packaging plays a significant role in the brand experience. From innovative and intelligent design to sustainable material choice, our team is looking to provide brands with more than just packaging, finding solutions to your brand’s product packaging needs. Trimco Group provides everything from FSC™-Certified shoeboxes to polybags made in biodegradable material. Every piece of product packaging is sourced with care for the environment. Whether we’re talking reusable bags made from organic cotton, sugar cane packaging or biodegradable bags, we strive to find the right solution for your product packaging.

E-commerce Packaging

Trimco Group can advise on the right solution for your e-commerce product packaging and wrapping. Mailers, tissue paper or receipt holders are just a few things that can add value to your brand. These items bring the consumer closer and nurture a positive customer experience and loyalty, bridging the online and the offline in a unique brand experience. To reduce the environmental impact of online shopping, including delivery and returns, choosing sustainable packaging solutions is a great opportunity, and we’re here to help.

We pack brand stories for your customers to unwrap

Trimco Group delivers:

  • Responsibly sourced & sustainable packaging solutions
  • Design support
  • Product development
  • Production planning
  • Fast production and delivery
  • Support on recycling signage compliance and advice for its customers

Expert advice and compliance on recycling regulations

In doubt about the recycling signage on your packaging for the countries you deliver to? Our international team of experts is always looking to stay up to date with the latest news and regulations on packaging recycling signage, providing support and ensuring correct signage for its customers. Even if you have chosen a sustainable packaging solution, signage compliance is still required. Is your brand up to date with the Italian and French regulations?

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions Recycled Felt Bags Trimco Group
Our packaging solutions include but are not limited to

Product Packaging • Retail Packaging • E-Commerce • Flatpacked- & Rigid Boxes • Plastic- & Paper Bags • Polybags • Speed Bags • Tote Bags • Foil Bags • Suit & Hanger Covers • Overriders • Drawstring Bags • Organic Packaging • Tissue Paper • Banderole & Stickers • Shoeboxes and more

We offers sustainable packaging solutions that include

FSC™-certified paper • Biodegradable bags • 100% pre and post-consumer recycled plastic • RPET bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles • Stone paper made from crushed limestones • biodegradable materials • Paptic® • Sugar cane •  Recycled cotton •  Recycled polyester •  Recycled paper




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