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With a comprehensive experience of creativity and production, we deliver trims to some of the biggest fashion brands worldwide, covering everything from hang tags, and woven and printed labels to badges and patches, thanks to our expertise and local production facilities. We specialize in catering to, primarily but not only, apparel, footwear, and home textile industries, tailoring every solution to the brand identity and needs.

Our dedicated teams of specialists within trims for fashion or other industries will help you find the best solution tailored to your brand’s needs. We can provide advice on sustainable materials for paper tags and strings, seals for hangtags or whatever your need is for trims for clothing and other items.

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Connect your product journey to the world

Trims are the direct link to the brand as they reflect both the quality of the product and the brand’s personality. Our global design team continuously stays updated with the latest trends, the newest materials, and sustainable options, providing end-to-end trims solutions or supporting the brand’s design team.

Whether it is a hangtag, woven labels, or other trims like waist tags, badges and patches, we combine inspiring design with the best choice of materials and sustainable options for outstanding results.


Whether you are looking for FSC™-certified or non-wood papers, string, seal or ribbons for your hang tags, we always have the right options to match your brand’s needs and sustainable direction for trims. Hangtags play an essential part in a brand’s identity, so choosing the right material, shape, and quality is highly important.

Adding variable data either as a sticker or printed directly on your hangtags, our Source Tagging Solutions team has the expertise and dedication to find the perfect solution for you. Combine your hangtags with a QR code for on-product communication and RFID stickers for a complete product solution.

Trimco Group Trims Hangtag FSC Paper
Trimco Group Trims for Clothing Label

woven labels and printed labels

Who likes a scratchy clothing label? Choosing the right partner to produce your woven or printed labels ensures a perfect fit for the quality of your brand. Inside or outside your garment, our labels come in various options, from different materials, types of folds, and off cause available as both woven and printed labels.

We provide a wide range of bespoke woven labels for our brands for higher quality, durability, and luxurious touch. We offer different material options to choose from and have a team of experts available to advise and find the right solution for you. Our materials are carefully selected, tested, and  OEKO-TEX® certified.

Badges and patches

Badges come in many shapes and forms and are used in many different ways. To better serve different types of brands, styles and collections, we always have a wide range of materials and techniques available for our brands to choose from. Badges made of recycled polyester embroidery, silicone in several colours or patches for your denim program, Trimco Group produces high-quality and innovative brand identification and authentication solutions customized to your needs and aligned with your brand’s image.

Trimco Group Trims for fashion and outdoor silicone badge
Trimco Group Trims for denim buttons and rivets


Thanks to our team of experts, we have different solutions in terms of jeans buttons, rivets, snap buttons or other accessories, advising on the best choices, specially designed for your brand’s denim collections. Whether you’re looking for metal buttons, charms or sew buttons made from recycled polyester, we can help with impactful trims for denim.

Trims that elevate your brand

Whether it is High Fashion Apparel, Sportswear, Childrenswear, Denim, Footwear, Home Textiles, Lingerie or Accessories, we ensure hassle-free solutions and top design to match your needs and your brand’s identity. We provide access to a vast collection of design and sustainable material choices to inspire your next selection of trims, no matter category and function, whether it is a hangtag or a woven label.

Trimco Group Trims for apparel silicone label
Our Trims offering covers

Hang Tags • Waist Tags • Button Bags • Woven & Printed Labels • Tapes & Ribbons • Strings & Seals • Badges • Patches • Zipper Pullers • Heat Transfers • Heat-On Labels • Charms & Pins • Stickers • Buttons • Pocket Flashers and everything in between.



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