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At Trimco Group, we know how essential swing tags are for your brand and their impact on the consumer’s understanding of the brand. Retail hang tags for clothing, shoewear, or home textiles, for that matter, can serve different purposes. Hangtags are an essential component of the fashion, and home textile industries, serving as a powerful marketing tool for brands and businesses. These small tags are attached to garments, accessories, and other textile products, providing essential information about the product. Hangtags are also used to create a unique identity for the product, enhancing a brand’s marketing strategy. But what role does design play for a hangtag and what other factors should you consider when choosing the right hangtag for your product?

The power of design — Custom-designed hangtags create a cohesive visual identity for your items, whether we’re talking garments or footwear, or something else. Product hang tags that are easily recognizable and memorable are especially important and efficient for fashion, footwear, childrens wear, and home textiles, just to name a few. The design elevates your brand by conveying its personality, spirit, and values, adding value faster than it adds costs.

Hangtags come in many shapes and forms, and they can be anything from ad tags, waist tags, pocket flashers, info tags, and variable data tags. Or they can be used to prompt a certain quality or provide guidance on size fit, functionality, and material.

Variable data accuracy for hang tags — we assist your brand in collecting and streaming accurate information for all our variable data labels and stickers to match your swing tags. Everything from barcode stickers to price tags and RFID, matching variable data items with your hangtags, or creating variable data hang tags with variable data printed directly on the hangtags is done fast and efficiently. Thanks to our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, there are several variable and digitally-enabled data options to enhance your hangtags, such as:

Barcode Labels – Price Labels – Information Tags – Promotion Tags – Compliance Tags – Certification Labels – QR Codes – RFID tags and stickersNFC tags

What materials are available for retail hangtags? — There are several options to choose from when designing your printed hang tags. As an FSC™-certified manufacturer, we can, of course, support with different kind af FSC™-certified paper types and on-product logo if needed. Whether your brand is interested in wood or non-wood materials for your hang tags, we can support you with several options to match your sustainability goals. To name a few:

FSC™ Certified Paper – Paptic® – Recycled paper – Bamboo – Sucarcane – Papers with agricultural waste – Seed paper – Recycled TPU – Water-dissolving paper – Stone paper and more.

When it comes to paper, FSC™-certified options are the most popular choice. For white paper, we make sure it is always ECF – Elemental Chlorine-Free paper.

What material options are there for swing tag seals and strings?  — Part of the hang tags, at Trimco Group there are several options for your swing tag seals and strings, matching the choice of material for the hang tag or your product needs. The most popular choices for strings are:

Organic cotton – Recycled polyester – Hemp – Paper

Seals are mainly used to secure the hangtags to the garments, as they have a stronger hold and can´t be untied like regular strings can. Many brands use seals as a security measure not only in shops, but also to manage unused returns. For seals, when relevant, recycled PP, PS, and ABS are the most common choices. Using a seal can make waste sorting of the hangtag parts more difficult for the consumer, but it is a good choice for brands to handle return of unused items.

Compliant manufacturing worldwide — Our production sites all over the globe are FSC™-certified and OEKO-Tex certified. Our compliance team keeps abreast of the latest legislation developments, thus ensuring that our manufacturing process and products always meet the requirements of the relevant regulations and comply with them. We support your brand to add any needed signage required by waste management regulations in your countries of distribution.

Approach to printing — We practice a conscious approach to all aspects of production. We always keep an eye out for inks and finishes for printing. If possible, we use soy or water-based inks on our products.

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