Trimco’s ESG.

Message from Trimco CEO

ESG Playbook


Never was there a time when sustainability has received so much attention from consumers, brand owners, regulators and investors. COVID-19 has miraculously accelerated the global progress in taking better care of our environment and the wellbeing of workers in the supply chain near and far. While social distancing has been keeping people physically apart, extensive adoption of digitalization has been connecting us across borders. This new normal reinforces our focus on running our business sustainably. It pushes us to reimagine the possibilities of making full use of our data together with innovative web-based applications, bringing supply chain sustainability and transparency to the fingertips of both brand owners and consumers.

Trimco’s mission statement “Provide our partners creative sustainable brand identification product design, innovative IT solution and efficient global production to drive a positive impact throughout their global supply chain” emphasizes on the importance of sustainability as one of our core competencies. Continuing from previous years, we further expanded the adoption of Higg Index at all our production sites. We are also using ISO 14001 as our guide to measure and improve the way natural resources are used and disposed of.

2020 was a significant year of converting our paper products to FSC™ or recycled paper, and our woven yarns and care label ribbons to 100% recycled polyester or other plant-based materials. Our Sustainability Sourcing Team in both Europe and Asia has been our taskforce for providing the business with new material options. We make it our duty to always include a sustainable alternative.

Trimco’s vision “Elevate brand stories and connect their product journey to the world” is the spirit behind PRODUCT DNA. PRODUCT DNA is a suite of web-based applications which presents our Sustainability Track & Trace dashboard tailored to brands ESG needs. It also provides the link for brands to be in touch with their consumers via mobile apps, unveiling the vast opportunities for them to participate together in garment circular economy.

This Sustainability Playbook outlines our strategy that will guide our initiatives and efforts in the coming years. Overarching commitments for each material topic are presented in this playbook while specific targets will be disclosed in detail in Trimco’s Sustainability Report, to be published early 2022.

Trimco is excited to actively participate in a bigger movement of sustainable development, playing our part as global citizens. We look forward to the journey ahead and to co-creating value with the rest of the textile industry sustainably.

Together, We Act.

Amy Wan
Chief Executive Officer, Trimco Group