Borås Textile Days

November 14-15, 2023

Come meet the Trimco Group team at Borås Textile Days.

The two-day event in Borås, Sweden, brings together individuals from the textile and fashion industry. The event showcases ongoing research, innovations in textile materials, and offers a platform for discussions on the artistic potential of materials in fashion design.

You will find our booth in the Business Lounge.

Also, join Fredrik Häggström's talk - "A Paradigm Shift for the Fashion Industry – Digital Product Passports".

A conversation about navigating the challenging landscape of the upcoming Digital Product Passport (DPP) regulations. Fredrik Häggström from Trimco Group will dive into a number of key areas to prepare your company for DPP. He will introduce you to the opportunities and solutions for the current initiatives and offer insights and strategies for brands.

Key discussion points:

Preparing for the DPP regulations: Fredrik will share valuable insights and practical strategies on how to equip your brand for the upcoming DPP regulations, ensuring that you maintain a competitive advantage.

Harness data for success: In this digital era, data reigns. Learn how Trimco Group's unparalleled data solution, uniquely positioned in the textile supply chain, can provide your brand with actionable insights and transparency. Prepare to revolutionize your view of how data and regulatory compliance can drive your brand's success.

Introduction to ProductDNA®: You will be introduced to Trimco Group's innovative traceability and transparency solution, ProductDNA®, a unique tool designed to unlock new potential and assist in your social, environmental and chemical compliance mapping – all while preparing for the DPP initiative.

Where: Borås Textile Days – Business Lounge.

When: Choose between November 14th (10 am or 2.30 pm) or November 15th (9.30 am).

Duration: 30 minutes (but you are welcome to stick around and network at our booth).

Can’t make it then? Just drop by and get in touch with us.

Choose the date to participate and register:

14.11. – 10 am to 10.30 am │Register here: DIGITALA PRODUKTPASS - TRIMCO (

14.11. – 2.30 pm to 3 pm │Register here: DIGITALA PRODUKTPASS - TRIMCO (

15.11. – 9.30 am to 10.00 am │Register here: DIGITALA PRODUKTPASS - TRIMCO (

Join us at the booth or come listen to the talk, we would love to meet you there.

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