NF&TA partners with TRIMCO GROUP to support the scoping of the Norwegian Digital Product Passports

Jan 16, 2023

Working alongside leaders in the field, NF&TA will combine their industry expertise with Trimco’s tracking technology know-how to support the fashion brands of the future.

Norwegian national cluster for the fashion and textile industry, NF&TA (Norwegian Fashion and Textile Agenda), has launched a Digital Product Passport project to develop an industry guide for supply chain transparency. To help in their journey, they have partnered with different actors in the fashion industry, including global supply chain transparency solutions expert Trimco Group. Sustainability and Compliance Director Camilla Mjelde represents Trimco Group and is actively involved in NF&TA’s project.

In light of the Norwegian Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven) and EU’s announcement earlier this year on the introduction of digital passports on all products placed on the European market will mean that all garments must come with a digital “tag.” This must detail, among other things, the origin, production method, by whom, by what, and when, and recycling options of the garment. This is a massive undertaking for many brands as they will need to work with their partners along the entire supply chain, from design, product development, production, and distribution, to adopt and adapt to new technologies if they can continue to trade in the European market.

By developing an industry guide for the introduction of digital product passports for the fashion and textile industry in Norway, the NF&TA would be able to support their members, making it easier for brands to implement the passports and minimizing the mammoth task they would otherwise have to undertake. The results will be documented and published in an industry guide and communicated to companies, businesses, educational institutions, and authorities to ensure maximum transparency and impact. The project also aims to strengthen the competitiveness of companies using new technologies and processes for more sustainable business development following future requirements from the EU.

To realize their Digital Product Passports, NF&TA has partnered with global supply chain transparency expert Trimco Group, who launched their innovative ProductDNA® track and trace tool earlier this year. ProductDNA® is a digital platform that allows brands to track a garment’s material information using QR code communication, from raw material sourcing fibers to the final item, following the product’s complete lifecycle. With this digital information, brands can monitor their overall sustainability and compliance in three key areas: managing certifications across the supply chain, measuring and reporting globally on specific social and environmental KPIs, and communicating this information to their customer.

We at TRIMCO are excited to share our expertise and to learn from the other experts in the field as part of this digital passport projects group. We currently support numerous fashion and sports brands around the globe with QR codes on labels and tags and will use our extensive global network alongside our prowess in collecting, processing, and communicating global garment data to contribute to this project,” says Camilla Mjelde, Sustainability and Compliance Director at Trimco.
Doing the hard work now and implementing this type of technology will streamline sustainability in the Norwegian fashion industry, as any future updates or changes to EU regulations on digital product passes can be acted upon faster and more efficiently,” states Gisle Mariani Mardal, NF&TA Head of Innovation and Development.

Initial supporters featured Manufacture Oslo and Bergans of Norway, amongst others. Today, partnering brands include Trimco Group, Helly Hansen, GS1, Kezzler, Fretex, Factlines, Ahlsell, and Norwegian Fashion Hub. With this gathering of unrivaled industry expertise, the Digital Product Passport project is set to be a game-changer for the Norwegian fashion and textiles industry and beyond.

Read more about NF&TA and the Digital Product Passport pilot project here (Norwegian).

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