Part of the change – Bergans of Norway joins forces with Trimco to optimise circular consumption program

Jan 20, 2022
Press release

Scandinavian outdoor brand, Bergans of Norway, set to develop and implement a QR Code-based app, developed by Trimco Group, to manage the return and rental program for coveralls, an initiative meant to support the brand’s “Long live the product” project.

Denmark, January 20th, 2022: With a focus to “lead and inspire towards a sustainable future”, Bergans of Norway is a brand driven by environmental responsibility. Bergans creates apparel and equipment inspired by nature and for use in the outdoors. Their aim is to develop durable clothing that can be used for years, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Their latest project is a subscription-based option for kidswear, where parents can order and return specific snowsuits or coveralls for the season and re-order a different size when the child has grown out of it. Bergans takes the responsibility to receive, repair, clean and reimpregnate the returned garment, making it ready for reuse. The subscription is a brilliant initiative that is cost-efficient, removing the need to purchase a new snowsuit every season, a great educational tool, teaching the generations to come about the positive impact of reuse and recycling and is a great tool to prolong the life of a garment.

The Solution Proposed by Trimco Group

To ensure a seamless process, Bergans has assigned Trimco Group to develop a digital solution to optimise the outdoor brand’s efforts in this initiative. Thus, Trimco Group has designed a QR code app streamlined with a series of labels bearing the QR code, also provided by Trimco Group. The intuitive solution aims to help Bergans better manage the project’s inventory, making everything more efficient and accurate with just one scan.

Thanks to the solution proposed by Trimco, Bergans will be able to:
  • Quickly receive, send, and track items coming in for repairs or rental.
  • Always have an overview of the items’ status (repairs needed, location etc.).
  • Reduce or eliminate inaccuracy due to misplaced items.
  • Easily manage inventory.
  • Gain knowledge on product use for future development.
“We are excited to see this project come to life. Thanks to the help provided by Trimco Group, we will be able to optimise our efforts further and easily track the incoming flow of garments, check the status of a product, and trace it back to the consumer. It is no news that we are a brand with a positive environmental agenda, and we need our collaborators to understand and support that. Thanks to our previous collaborations with Trimco Group, we are confident that this will also be a success”, says Tonje Taraldsvik, Project Manager at Bergans of Norway.

The subscription initiative is fully sold-out for the upcoming season, and the QR code tracking system is set to go live in April 2022.

“Brands like Bergans of Norway inspire us to be at our best. Responsible consumption is one of the things on our agenda, and playing a role in Bergans initiative came as a natural thing for us. The QR-code based app is a tailor-made solution that will give Bergans full traceability reporting, facilitating their circular business model. We are proud to provide them with both a product like QR labels that are responsibly sourced and a digital solution that will help them streamline the processes involved in this project.”, says Camilla Mjelde, Sustainability Director at Trimco Group.

Outdoor imagery courtesy of Bergans of Norway.

QR label image is a prototype sample of the labels that will be created for the project.

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