DK Company strengthens transparency across the supply chain with Trimco's ProductDNA®

Mar 6, 2023
Press release

Danish multi-brand fashion group, DK Company, takes new steps in the transparency and traceability strategy of their social and environmental compliance by partnering with Trimco Group’s – ProductDNA® solution.

Supply chain traceability is a priority for the entire fashion world, and the Danish brand DK Company is already taking action as part of their ESG journey. DK Company Group has employed their trusted partner, Trimco Group, to implement their supply chain monitoring tool, ProductDNA®. The goal is to measure DK Company’s social and climate impact through mapping and monitoring their suppliers’ certifications and compliance efforts on a global scale.

DK Company first joined forces with Trimco Group in November 2021 with the goal to monitor their social compliance across the supply chain. The team of Trimco Group’s sustainability experts worked alongside DK Company to design the Certificate Manager Module of ProductDNA® and customize it based on DK Company’s primary objectives. Trimco Group ensured that DK Company’s suppliers were trained to correctly submit and update their social compliance certifications and audit results.

Local customer support teams have also been assigned to assist the process in the native language, speeding up even more the international onboarding process. Today, with the already onboarded suppliers, DK Company can monitor, manage, and improve social compliance across its supply chain, following the EU due diligence regulations (German Supply Chain Act, Norwegian Supply Chain Act).

Real-time available data proved to be a well-awaited feature for the operations teams. Auditors of DK Company can check certifications and audit results on the go, making their job much easier and making the data more accurate. Because of the different and complex nature of certification grading, overall reporting can be a sore point for brands ill-equipped to tackle the myriad of international certification regulations. In this case, Trimco Group were able to customize the ProductDNA® platform to include internal indicators based on DK Company’s policies and rules, allowing a seamless and streamlined application for an otherwise complicated process.

Social compliance is just one part of DK Company’s ESG program. The environmental impact of their supply chain, in particular the greenhouse gas emissions generated, is a key area the brand aims to monitor and ultimately reduce with their collaboration with Trimco. Trimco Group has supported DK Company in identifying the main indicators and customizing the Certificate Manager to reach the brand’s objectives. Just like the social compliance, Trimco Group’s local customer support teams were trained to assist DK Company’s global suppliers during a fast and efficient onboarding. To ensure quick results and the program’s overall success, the onboarding was done together with the Social Compliance certificates collection.

Both human and environmental compliance are key for DK Company. While the first goal concerning social compliance has been successfully launched, monitoring ethical sourcing to certified environmental standards is next on the agenda.

Data, transparency, and traceability cannot solve anything alone; however, it provides a window into the places and conditions in which our clothes are being made. Choosing Trimco’s ProductDNA® solution for transparency and traceability gives us the right tools to tackle our supply chain and use data for good and positive change. Trimco’s ProductDNA® is not only a great tool for our ESG goals, but their onboarding process made results come much faster and much more precise.” Says Rasmus Stærk Just, Corporate Manager of Environment and Social Compliance at DK Company.

Being in trims manufacturing for more than 40 years has allowed Trimco to position itself as an expert in this supply chain. Trimco’s ProductDNA® bridges the physical and digital worlds. The company aims to build sustainability models and ethical compliance road maps for brands such as DK Company, allowing for easy management of garment factory certificates. ProductDNA® can create in-depth, company-wide reports per product category, brand or factory for companies to use internally, or share with shareholders, and the general public.

Providing this service for our partners at DK Company came naturally for us at Trimco Group. Our solution not only saves time and costs for our partners but also answers to a need and duty that brands within fashion and textile manufacturing carry for their employees, environment, and, last but not least, their consumers. Providing a platform that can do this easily and seamlessly, as a part of the supply chain, was not only wanted but also very much needed.” Says Benny Nyborg, CCO at Trimco Group /A-TEX Denmark.

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