PRODUCT DNA® – Real-time supply chain Traceability & Transparency.

What is ProductDNA®?

Trimco’s ProductDNA® is a multi-tool digital solution designed to serve our customers’ needs for tracking, managing, and communicating their sustainability and social compliance claims. ProductDNA® is a digital platform, designed to carry data on garments and footwear, social and environmental compliance, with options to follow the product’s complete lifecycle.

ProductDNA® is the overarching tool that combines the forces of three different solutions:

  • Certificate Manager module to efficiently collect scope certificates across the entire supply chain
  • Product Manager module to measure and report globally on specific social and environmental KPI’s
  • Digital Manager making use of QR Code & NFC solutions for on-product communication
  • Packaging Manager to gather all data you need to report according to the EPR schemes required by your markets
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Supply Chain traceability Product DNA<sup>®</sup> Trimco GRoup

Certificate Manager

Digital solution to collect your scope certificates instantly and efficiently.

  • User-friendly platform for both brand and supplier to access centralized data.
  • Accurate data to support your brand’s social and sustainability claims.
  • Global mapping of supply chain performance.
  • Reporting options on social and environmental compliance.
  • Compliance alerts on expiring certifications.
  • Real-time data available for teams access worldwide.

Product Manager

Digital platform module global and local supply chain traceability and performance

  • Monitor KPI’s of your supply chain from the farm (tier 4) to the garment manufacturing (tier 1)
  • Trace your sustainability efforts at supplier level and product level
  • Ensure your product claims are aligned with the actual product performances
  • Collect data for your ESG report, including supply chain greenhouse gas emissions
  • Rely on accurate data – data sourced directly to and from your care and content labels.
supply chain traceability Trimco Group
Supply Chain Traceability QR Code Trimco Group

Digital Manager

  • Share your social and sustainability strategy and milestones with your consumers.
  • Implement easy-to-use communication through the use of QR codes or NFC technology.
  • Reduce costs and textile waste through lessened layers of trims thanks to the transfer of physical content to online communication.
  • Educate, engage, and inform about circularity and product repair.
  • Run loyalty programs.

ProductDNA® – Every fashion brand’s go-to supply chain traceability and transparency solution, developed and provided by Trimco Group. The trusted partner for several major brands, catering to them trims, care and content/source tagging solutions, packaging and store deco, Trimco Group introduces a supply chain traceability and transparency tool linked and sourced at the heart of the supply chain – the ProductDNA®.

Whether you are looking to comply with recycling regulations, communicate about your sustainability strategy, or monitor your supply chain and report back to your organization, Trimco’s ProductDNA® has a solution. Get in touch for care label requirements support and learn more about our efficient supply chain traceability and transparency tool.

ProductDNA® is a registered trademark in the EU territories, UK and Norway. US trademark pending.



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