Why choose Paptic® for your packaging?

Nov 11, 2022

Packaging is a crucial part of your branding. Whether we’re talking about e-commerce or product packaging, choosing the most suitable materials and solutions for each packaging goal is a decision that should be carefully considered. Made from renewable virgin wood fibers that offer a unique combination of sustainability and strength, we have added Paptic® to our packaging material offering as one of the best solutions thanks to its unique features and as the best alternative to plastic.

How is Paptic® produced?

Paptic® is bio-based, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, and made from renewable raw materials. The innovative material is produced with longer fibers at a lower speed than the conventional paper production process, which is key to its unique features. In the production of the Paptic® materials, all wood comes from managed Nordic woods (Sweden/ Norway). Because of the controlled nature of the sourcing, you can be sure of its quality and manufacturing conditions. The final material is produced in Germany.

Why is Paptic® better than other options?

Paptic® is known to be more durable, and its durability is comparable to plastic but made from wood fibers. Recyclable and biodegradable in compost settings, Paptic® can be used in a wide range of packaging options. The material quality makes it possible to add stitches to the material. Therefore it is possible to make a wide range of sewn bags. The raw material production site in Germany invests in green renewable energy and is continually investing in different production options that reduce the environmental impact.

Which packaging solutions is Paptic® suitable for?

A wide range of products is suitable for using Paptic® as a material. Shipping envelopes, multiple products within the bag product category, and suit covers are the main packaging applications that Trimco Group can support you with and are the most popular choices for the material.

Waste management

Because it is a cellulose-based material, Paptic® can be disposed of as conventional paper. With no additional layers, Paptic® is a mono-material, 100% recyclable, and biodegradable under industrial composting conditions according to EN 13432. Under the different international regulations for waste management, like the French Decree or Italian waste signage law, products made using Paptic® should follow the same requirements for disposing of paper waste.

Want to learn more about your options with Paptic®? Get in touch with the packaging team at Trimco Group.

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