Trimco Group Delhi's CSR Initiative: NAYI UMANG

Sep 5, 2023

Giving back to the local communities. As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, our team at Trimco Group Delhi has undertaken a significant initiative to uplift underprivileged communities. We've chosen to adopt an “Anganwadi” in Village Baliawas, Gurgaon, Haryana, aiming to bring about considerable infrastructural and educational improvements. Launched in partnership with The Social Lab, the NAYI UMANG project, meaning “new zeal” or “new enthusiasm”, is designed to inspire change.

Anganwadis are rural childcare centers in India, initiated by the government in 1975 to combat child hunger and malnutrition. These centers provide basic health care, contraceptive counseling, nutrition education, and preschool activities.

The Social Lab (TSL) is a social enterprise committed to improving education, community development, financial literacy, environmental concerns, and more. With their help, we have structured the project focused on creating vibrant learning spaces and developing interactive learning techniques for children aged 3-6 years.

Our project is designed to benefit three key stakeholders:

  1. Community: By renovating the Anganwadi, we aim to draw more students and foster an environment conducive to learning. We believe these students will become change agents, further educating their parents and increasing the community's literacy rates.
  2. Students: We aimed to create child-friendly interactive learning spaces through infrastructural improvements, installation of smart kits, and interactive 3D boards.
  3. Anganwadi Workers: We'll provide training to enhance their ability to elevate educational and health parameters for students.

Key aspects of our project include:

  1. Renovating and painting the Anganwadi classroom to create a vibrant and motivating learning environment.
  2. Installing educational material and boards for interactive learning.
  3. Conducting capacity-building sessions with Anganwadi workers.
  4. Providing specialized age-appropriate books for the children.
  5. Providing school bags to children who attend classes daily.
  6. Implementing regular visits of Trimco Group Delhi employees to interact with the children and Anganwadi workers.

Our mission is to create a lasting impact on over 50 students, teachers, and the entire village community. We anticipate our project will increase the enrolment and knowledge levels of children at the Anganwadi, improve classroom management skills among teachers, raise literacy rates, and provide a safe, innovative learning center for children.

We are committed to making a tangible difference, demonstrating that we care about our community's future by taking active steps to improve it.

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