Plastic-free labels? Introducing wood-based transparent adhesive labels

Dec 15, 2021

Brands with a genuine sustainable focus need to ensure seamless sustainability efforts throughout their supply chain on all parts of their product.

Why should you care about a sticker?

Whether we want to admit it or not, trims and packaging are a part of the product and play a decisive role in the customer journey. However, the advantages of labels, especially those carrying variable data, are three-fold. They include the customer journey, the brand’s benefits of storing and tracking data, and compliance, such as local regulations for recycling.

Clear adhesive labels are used in the fashion industry as a great way to combine variable data and design on hangtags and even product packaging. However, fossil-based plastic options are a black mark on the brand’s carbon footprint.

By choosing a renewable alternative, brands close the circle with a product sourced entirely responsibly. Matching it with FSC paper or other conscious materials produced at nearby locations can further reduce the CO2 footprint caused by unnecessary shipping.

This clear sticker is made using sustainably sourced wood pulp. The result is a plastic-like, transparent adhesive label, which is 100% compostable, thus enabling the recycling of the trim or packaging.

Sometimes printing directly on a product is not possible due to different factors such as product size and form or material thickness. Stickers are an efficient way to combine design and function. Choosing a clear sticker gives the freedom to integrate the need for variable data on the product for item identification with the overall design of the trim or packaging.

Trimco Group can support fashion and footwear brands with a wide range of solutions to match your brand’s sustainable goals and strategy.

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