Trimco Group joins the Outdoor Industry Association

Jan 4, 2023

Year 2022 has been rewarding for Trimco Group in many ways and one of the things that brings us joy is partnerships. We are thus pleased to announce that Trimco Group has joined the Outdoor Industry Association, with the goal to collaborate and support the outdoor industry with our shared efforts.

Trimco has been working closely with many fashion brands that design, manufacture, and distribute active life apparel, for many years. Consequently, thanks to our extensive involvement and continuous collaboration, we’re proud to call ourselves the go-to partner for outdoor brands in terms of labeling, trims, specific packaging, RFID and traceability solutions.

By joining forces with OIA, we strongly believe that our shared knowledge, expertise and know-how within sustainability, materials and compliance, will be able to make an impact in the industry.

Globally, we have already gathered great stories from the outdoor and active industry, such as assisting the Norwegian outdoor group, Dynamic Brands, in 2022, to kick-start their traceability and transparency project. By employing Trimco’s Product DNA® platform, the brand is set to collect social and environmental certificates of international standards from their global outwear garment suppliers, placing all key information in one easily accessible platform. We can only hope that we can continue to support brands and the outdoor industry in general, to achieve its sustainability goals.

About Outdoor Industry Association

The OIA is a notable premier trade association for companies and organizations that care about the outdoors. The OIA is a membership-driven trade association, which represents companies in the outdoor industry, including manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers. It was founded back in 1989 and is based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The OIA works to promote the growth and success of the outdoor industry, and advocates for policies that support the industry and the conservation of the natural environment. In the course of its activity the OIA hosts events and programs to educate and hook up industry professionals, provides research and insights on trends and issues affecting the outdoor industry.

The OIA adds value to its members and facilitates collaboration in order to promote industry growth. We look forward to contribute with outdoor market insights, collaborative CSR and sustainability opportunities.

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