SUSTAINABILITY 13th August 2020

Full product circularity by Muntagnard

Being able to fully support our clients in their sustainable journeys is one of the most important things to us. In a short time, Swiss Fashion brand Muntagnard have been successful in establishing a strong sustainable strategy based on full circularity. Their approach is to rethink products from material to functionality without bias in order to develop the best possible version of the product. We, Trimco Group, have supported Muntagnard with a label solution that goes hand in hand with this strategy.

Muntagnard; circularity; trim; product deisgn; design; solutions; labels; label; t shirt; customer case; Trimco Group; A-Tex; Clotex; Labelon
Muntagnard; circularity; trim; design; solutions; labels; label; care label; customer case; Trimco Group; A-Tex; Clotex; Labelon; it solution; STS; Source tagging solutions

The label pictured is made of Lyocell for their circular T-shirt LEGNA. Lyocell has many advantages – It is a bio-based f iber that originates from trees. It is harvested and produced responsibly, using a closed loop system, where 99% of water and solvents are recovered and reused. Biodegradable and composable.